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Personal Empowerment

Personal Empowerment

Welcome to my personal empowerment room. Come and sit with me by the window. There are pastries, coffee and tea on the table over there. Please help yourselves. As we gaze out this window we see a vast green lawn with a brook at the far end. We see trees and flowers, birds at the bird feeders and splashing in the bird baths, butterfly's gracefully floating about. There is an air of peace and tranquility out there that you can become one with and take with you.

Very few of us are at one with ourselves. We constantly seek that one thing that will make us feel whole, that will make us feel that we are where we should be, when we should be, with whom we should be. We seek cures for stress, we go to couples counseling, we dance the night away - and we are further from the answer than we ever were.

On these pages I hope to share my thoughts on being the person that each of us can be, on uniting body, mind and spirit in balance and harmony. I hope to share tips and techniques that I have come across in my wanderings, as well as links to other sites that you may find personally empowering.

Hear the whispers of some of my tools of empowerment: Crystals, Reiki, Runes, Dreamtime, Ceremony, Affirmations, Angels and Guides.

Do this one thing for yourself: Make time that is yours each day. Do a personal meditation - even if that meditation consists of gazing out the window while you sip your morning coffee. This is your time - time to stop the mind's chatter and hear the silence. Time to create a small personal oasis of peace. Who knows how far we can go from there!

Thank you for visiting my pages. Please e-mail me with any question or criticisms that you might have, or if you wish to share a supportive link with others on my links page.

Mitakuye Oyasin - For All Of My Relations

As of December 2003 I will no longer be updating these pages, due to time constraints. I hope that you continue to enjoy the material that is here.

Personal Lifestyle Reading - I offer a Personal Lifestyle Reading using Tarot that looks at past, present and future influences in your life, at the energies that are currently available to help you along your path, and at those energies that are appearing as challanges. My goal is to offer you insight into your decision making process, as well as tools that you can use to both better understand your path and make conscious, choice centered decisions.

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