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Please take a seat here by the fire with me, and listen to the soft whispers of dreamtime as the flames dance before us. The whispers may be those of your intuitive self - or they may be the soft nudgings of your Guides. They are keys to your personal journey - listen to them well.

Dreamtime allows us to *problem solve*, to access areas of our psyche not available during waking hours. Dreams may simply come to us, or we may ask for them. In whatever form they are, we need to remember that everything in the dreamscape, everyone in the dreamscape, are aspects of ourselves. Once we accept that, what appears on the surface to be incongruity becomes a placed lake reflecting our interior selves.

To ask for a dream, simply form a question about the area that you are concerned with (i.e. "Should I ask for a raise?" "Is this the right person for me?"). Keep the question short and specific. Ask the question in your mind (or out loud, if you prefer), then go to sleep. If you receive a dream that you do not understand, ask for another dream to bring clarity. Our dreams clearly reflect where we are in our daily lives, and as such they offer us the solutions to our waking problems. Dreams are an essential part of our emotional and physical health.

A good idea might be to keep a dream journal, and a pen or pencil right by your bedside, so that if you wake, at any time, you may write your dream down. Dreamtime information leaves us quickly - our journals help us retain the information so that we may review it if we choose (and also keep track of any recurring dreams).

Recurring dreams are something that we need to pay attention to and act on. In the act of writing the dream down and looking at it, the understanding will come to us. We will have retained the needed knowledge and can then apply it in our lives.

The whispers in the Dreamtime room speak of what we need to know to interpret our own dreams - because they are specific to us and our lives. Dreaming of buildings/rooms/structures of any sort refers to the physical body.

Emotions in dreams are often symbolized by literal fire, or by electricity in sudden forms, such as lightening bolts.

The atmosphere in the dream reflects the dreamers emotions. Ask yourself how you *felt* in the dream - did the surroundings make you happy ... sad ... angry? Was the overall feeling one of a positive or a negative nature?

Water in a dream indicates the dreamers spirituality, and/or issues/views that are culturally induced.

The subconscious of the dreamer *is* the dream-maker. Therefore - the dreamer has control over his/her dream if they want to take it.

Look for the parts of the dream that you as the dreamer are avoiding - this is what is in the reality of your waking life - this is what you need to address.

The whispers are telling us that our dreams are meant to come to us as guidance. Literally - we may ask to meet our Guides or Angels in our dreams, in the same manner that we may ask for dreams.

I am available to help you interpret your dreams. Please e-mail me for further information.

Thank you for the time you have spent visiting the whispers in this room. May your day be Blessed.

As of December 2003 I will no linger be updating these pages, due to time constraints. I hope that you continue to enjoy the material that is already here.

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