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The Crystal Gate - Tarot
The Crystal Gate - Tarot

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Welcome to my Tarot room. Please help yourself to coffee or tea and take a seat here by the fire. Tarot has been many things to me - most of all, a tool of transformation. In the light of the fire we will take a look at the many ways that Tarot can be used to clarify where we are currently, to show the way for the future, and to bringing healing and integration into our lives.

Through studying the Tarot archetypes, we can come to understand our past, accept our present and manifest our future. It is one of our greatest resources for connecting with our inner child - that part of ourselves that holds past memories. Through our connecting with and understanding inner child we come to realize that our spiritual experiences are not incidental to who we are - that we are incidental to our spiritual experiences. Tarot acts on a soul level to bring about healing.

For information on specific cards, please see Tarot Whispers.

Wishing each of you much success on your Tarot journey.

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