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Creation Of Ceremony


Join me here by the fire, and watch the flames as they flicker in the darkened room. The whispers that you hear in this room are about hope, about our pasts and our futures, our connections with ourselves and with our cultures. Here we celebrate the Spirit within.

Ceremony is what we make of it. It can honor a specific time in our life (leaving childhood, our first apartment, a project brought to completion, a time of year) our ancesters or living relatives - it is a time of honoring and giving thanks.

In using ceremony to honor daily events, we honor the spiritual within us. Daily ritual/ceremony might include Blessing and Thanking the rising and falling Sun, honoring the stages of the moon or even the seasons of planting, harvest and fallow. It is our connection with what is *real*. It stops the *busy* in our lives and connects us with what *really* matters.

How do we place ceremony in our lives? First we need to decide what or who we want to honor or give thanks for. Then we want to decide where the ceremony will take place. My suggestion is to hold it out of doors as much as possible - to connect with Mother Earth and All Of Our Relations.

Decide what you personally want brought in to represent your joy - it can be candles, flowers, pottery, photographs, shells, crystals, music - whatever brings the message of the ceremony home for you.

Decide what you want to say. You can write the ceremony yourself, you can ask each person invited to the ceremony to add their thoughts, you can use ceremony that has already been created (this will be especially true if the ceremony is of a cultural or religious nature).

Herbs, scented candles, flowers, good food and drink - all have a place in ceremony. Let the joy of your ceremony celebrate the joy of being you.

If you wish to have ceremony created for you, please e-mail me for further information.

May your day be Blessed.

As of December, 2003 I will no longer be updating t hese pages (due to time constraints). I hope that you cintinue to enjoy what is already here.

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