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The Crystal Gate - Tarot
The Crystal Gate - Tarot

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Lifestyle Readings By
Bonnie Cehovet, TE

credit: Winter Wren

Welcome to my Lifestyle Reading room. We are all on a Life Journey, each on our seperate paths. Sometimes, as now, these paths cross. You are here, sitting by the fire with me, because you want to become more connected with yourself and your path.

I have been on the shaman's path my whole life - even before I had a name for it. Many tool's have come to me to enable me to empower myself and find my way on my journey. I would like to share these tools with you.

See how the flames of the fire dance in the twilight - how they reach out and embrace the unknown? The unknown is not something to fear - it is something to walk towards with dignity, grace and honor.

Your lifestyle reading, should you choose to accept it as part of your path, will embrace your most recent past life, and how it has affected where you are now. It will discuss past, present and future influences, as well as the energies that you can call on to help you ... and those that are there to challange you.

You will also receive a personal affirmation as part of your reading - a statement that you can use to center and ground yourself.

You may choose to receive your reading in person (if you live in the Shelton, WA area) or by phone. I also offer a tape of your reading at no extra charge.

Payment is $100.00, for a one hour reading, payable by check or money order. Please contact me at: for further information, and to set up a reading.

Thank you for visiting with me. May your day be Blessed.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading. I choose not to read for finanical, legal or medical issues, as these issues are better left to the professionals in their respective fields.

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