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Alternate Universe Fanfiction

Alternate Endings to the Third Season Cliffhangers

WENN Last We Met, by Rebecca Immich - Rebecca's alternate ending for Happy Homecomings!
WENN is Where the Heart Is , by Emma Redmer - A different ending for Happy Homecomings!
There's No Place Like WENN, by Emma Redmer - Sequal to WENN is Where the Heart Is!
Twenty-Four Hours, by Dana Sherman - Dana's alternate ending to to the "Happy Homecomings" cliffhanger.
Sellout at WENN, by Christina Wilson - Christina's ending to the infamous "Happy Homecomings" cliffhanger.

Other Alternate Universe Fanfiction

Snow Betty and the Seven Guys Courting Disaster, by Diane Valancy - A very wacky Remember WENN fairy tale!
A Sleep In, by Rita Widmer - Betty and Scott discover love while snowed in on Christmas Eve.
Fish Out of Water, by Emma Redmer - Victor takes Maple to Washington, but her enthusiasm is dampered by three snobbish politicians' wives.
A Remember WENN Story, by Angela Tircuit - Hilary and Jeff host a call-in romance show, with surprising results.
The Rekindling of Old Flames, by Ally K. - Scott and Maple renew their old affair...but he still has feelings for Betty.
Dueling for Love, by Rita Widmer - Scott and Maple try to prevent Betty and Victor's marriage...but the writer and the manager have a plan of their own.
Dreams, by Rita Widmer - Scott and Betty have surprising dreams.
Forever WENN, by Rita Widmer - The staff is split apart after a fire destroys the station.
The Gift and a Vacation, by Rita Widmer - After recieving Valentine's Day gifts from Scott and Victor, Betty takes a vacation to decide between them.
A Happy Ending?, by Rita Widmer - Betty is in an accident on the trolley and Scott fears he may never be able to tell her his feelings for her.
It Only Happens When I'm With You, by Shelly Call - Betty and Scott are dating...but could an old beau of Betty's change their relationship?
Far From Pittsburgh, by Shelly Call - Betty follows husband Scott from her family's home in Elkheart to wartorn London.
Our Mutual Spy, by Shelly Call - Betty and Scott encounter deception and treason on a dangerous mission!
Love Story Series, by Rita Widmer - A series of tales about Scott's wooing and winning of Betty and their subsequent marriage!
A Cold December, by Christina Wilson - Betty's ordinary December day turns bitter in this alternate version of Pearl Harbor at WENN.
Safekeeping, by Shelly Call - An alternate universe Betty-Scott romance. Scott gives Betty something special of his just after he enlists.
Letters, by Shalla Wilson - Gertie helps Betty cope with Scott's enlistment in this alternative universe romance.
Christmas Memories, by Katie McNamara - An alternative version of Christmas 1941 at WENN.

Last Updated October 4th, 2001

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