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by Rita Widmer

Disclaimer: The characters in this story all belong to the people of Remember WENN.

Italics denotes thoughts.

"Scott?!" said Betty and Scott at the same time, waking from a dream.



Betty was sitting up in her bed, thinking of Scott and her getting married in her dream. That would never happen. She loved Victor Comstock. Anyway, if she did love Scott, he would never marry, especially not to a good girl like her.


Scott was also sitting up in bed, thinking of Betty and him getting married in his dream. I will never get married, especially not to a girl like Betty. I like her, but not enough to give up bachlerhood. O.k, I admit it, I do love her, but she loves Victor Comstock.


The next day at work, Betty and Scott were trying to ignore each other, except for when it had to do with work. They were feeling embarrassed about their dreams and was afraid something could slip out.

Finally, at the end of the day, they were left alone, since everyone had gone home. "Betty, youíve been acting weird today. Why?" asked Scott.

"Hey, I wasn't the only one. You were also acting weirder then usual," said Betty, defending herself.

"How did this end up back to me?" asked Scott. "I asked you a question. Why were you acting so weird today?"

"I didnít. You were."

"Iíll tell you why, and then you tell me why you were, o.k?"


"I had a strange dream last night, around midnight, in which you and I were getting married."

"Thatís nice," said Betty as she passed him, heading to the door.

Scott caught up to her and stopped her. "Itís your turn to tell me why you were acting so weird today."

"You stole mine. I had the same dream last night, also around midnight. You donít think it is an omen?"

"It could be one, and I do love you Betty, but..."

"...Except you're not the marrying type. Scott, I love you, too."

"You do?!"

"I do, but I think we should get to know each other better first."

"So do I."


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