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Christmas Memories

by Katie McNamara

All the characters in this story belong to Rupert Holmes, AMC, and Remember WENN. Any events in this story that really happened to anyone who reads this is completely unintentional.

December 23, 1941

Betty let out a sigh of relief that the day was over and nothing had gone too wrong. Sure, there was the normal stuff. Scott driving Hilary crazy with his on air antics, Hilary complaining about the scripts, and an occasional slip in Mackie's thousand voices. But all of that didn't matter now. The day was over and thanks to the Penn State basketball game, it was time for WENN's Christmas party.

For some reason, Betty didn't really mind not being able to go home for Christmas this year. She had a warm feeling inside that reminded her that WENN was home and that she was surrounded by family and friends.

Betty smiled as she got up from her chair and left the writer's room. Walking down the hallway, Betty admired the decorations that lined the walls. As she opened the doors to the Green Room, Betty heard happy voices singing and laughing. She walked to the piano where Eugenia was playing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and joined in the singing. Mackie tapped her gently on the shoulder and handed her a glass of eggnog.

Betty looked around the room and thought how great it was to see WENN as it used to be. Well, almost.

Victor was in Berlin giving voice to that Nazi traitor Jonathan Arnold, and Jeff was probably in London spending Christmas with Pavla.

Betty turned her gaze to the couch where she found Hilary sitting by herself, lost in her own thoughts. She seemed fine, but Betty thought she saw tears in her eyes as she looked at the tree in the corner.

Betty knew what Hilary was thinking. She often found herself thinking about how different life seemed without Jeff around.

And how much quieter, Betty thought to herself.

She began to wonder how many Christmases Jeff and Hilary spent together. It was almost hard to believe that just last Christmas they had been so happy. Laughing, dancing, but now...

Betty's thoughts were interrupted as she heard the Green Room doors open. It was Gloria Redmond stopping by to wish everyone a merry Christmas. A few minutes later, Maple and Mr. Foley were accompanying Gloria as she sang "You Make It Christmas."

Later, after everyone said good-bye, Scott walked Gloria to the elevator. Eugenia started playing the piano again, and Maple took her place under the mistletoe.

When Scott came back, he asked Betty to dance. Even though she didn't really feel like it, she accepted his offer.

Suddenly, she had a strange sense of deja vu. Then she remembered. They had shared a dance the first night they were all quarantined at the station the year before.

As the song ended, Mackie announced that it was time to exchange presents. "Yes, sir!" Maple cracked as she waved a mock salute from atop the piano and Betty bit her lip to keep from laughing.

A half an hour later, all the presents were exchanged. Scott had given Betty a beautiful silver locket with a card that said Now you'll always have my heart. Love, Scott. She had also received a volume of Shakespeare from Mackie, and scribbled on the first page was scribbled: From your Hairless Hamlet, Mackie

Betty smiled as she thought back to her first day at WENN. Suddenly, the sound of Scott's voice brought her back from her memories.

"Hilary, I have one more present for you. Turn around."

Hesitating a little, Hilary did as she was told. As she heard the door open, Betty turned to see someone she never expected to see.

"Hilary," the voice said.

The auburn-haired diva turned and almost collapsed against Betty when she saw who was standing at the door.

"Jeffrey!" she cried, her voice faltering a little.

Hilary ran to him and threw her arms around his neck.

At first, Betty couldn't figure out why Hilary wasn't wringing her husband's neck right now, but then it hit her. Hilary couldn't be angry with Jeff right now. She had learned she couldn't live without him and that she loved him. Betty suddenly found herself reflecting on her feelings for Victor during his absence.

Then Betty saw Jeff take Hilary aside to a corner of the room where they could talk. Betty was pretty sure he was trying to explain this Pavla mess to Hilary and get back into her good graces. She knew it was over when she saw Hilary smile as Jeff bent slightly to kiss her.

Eugenia started to play again and Betty watched across the room as Mackie asked Maple to dance and Jeff pulled Hilary closer on the dance floor. Scott came over and asked Betty to dance again. She surprised him and obviously made him very happy when she said yes.

In Scott's arms once again, Betty found herself thinking about last Christmas. She thought about Gloria Redmond agreeing to sing, even after the mix-up, and Rollie Pruitt banishing all mention of Christmas in the station's broadcast....and Scott sending her home for Christmas.

Everything seemed right, even if Victor wasn't there. Betty knew he'd probably never come back. Jeff and Hilary were happy again, Eugenia was playing the organ, and Mackie wasn't suffering from exhaustion from playing so many roles.

Betty looked up and realized that she and Scott were dancing under the mistletoe. She planted a quick kiss on his cheek and smiled at his confused expression.

"Merry Christmas, Scott," she said, laughing.

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