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Dueling for Love

by Rita Widmer

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the people of WENN. This is my story, though.

Gertie Reece was sitting at her desk when Scott Sherwood came in. She noticed he wasn't looking like his usual self. Actually, she'd noticed it for the last couple of days.

Scott walked on by with only a wave for a greeting. He had seen Betty and Victor kissing on Thursday and gave up all hope of winning her love.

At that moment, Maple swung up to Scott with a worried look on her face. "Scott, whatís wrong? You havenít been yourself for the last few days."

"Nothing. If I was in my right mind, I would have seen it coming."

"What do you mean?" asked Maple.

"Iím in love with a girl who loves the greatest man on Earth, and he loves her back." Scott walked off, not waiting for an answer.

"Heís in love with Betty!" exclaimed Gertie.

"I know, and I know what to do about it. Whatís worse is that I'm falling for Victor. He's the first guy that ever treated me like a lady," said Maple.

"Thatís it. You have to win Victorís heart away from Betty. I know itís cruel, but it will make everything better in the long run!"

"I know, but I donít think I can do it."

"Of course, you can."


"Whatís wrong with Scott lately?" asked Betty, walking into the Green Room.

"Nothing a new heart wouldn't fix," said Hilary Booth.

"Heís still in love with me, isnít he?" asked Betty. She looked down at the ring on her finger. Victor had given it to her as an engagement present that morning. Everyone else had noticed it now. Betty just felt like crying, and she did. She always thought that when she became engaged it would be a happy time for her and her friends.

"What do you expect me to do? Iím not in love with Scott. Iíve always cared for Victor, and he loves me," argued Betty.

"You need to talk to Scott and tell him how you feel," said Maple.

"I know, but no matter what I say, it wonít make a difference," argued Betty.

"At least heíll know how you feel and put it gently," said Jeff Singer.

"I will, I will," said Betty, walking out.


"Scott, can I talk to you alone for a minute?" asked Betty. Scottís face brightened for a second. Then he saw the ring on Bettyís finger.

"You donít have to explain anything," said Scott.

"But I want to," said Betty. "Let's go into the Writerís Room, where we can talk privately."

They walked in. Betty shut the door and locked it. "I remember the first time I did this, when Victor came back to tell me he was alive," said Betty, breaking the silence.

"This seems to be a room of secrets. Mine, ours, Victorís, and yours. Did you kiss him in this room?" asked Scott. He was thinking of the conversation they had when he was fired and how they had kissed. That whole scene had changed his life. After that, he knew he was in love with Betty Roberts.

"No, that happened by the storage closet, just before you found me standing there."

"He came back the night Holstrom was arrested?"

"Yes, he did, but that's not why I wanted to talk to you. Scott, Iím getting married to Victor because Iíve always cared for him."

"But do you love him?"

"That's not the point. You once told me that you love me, and everyone thinks you still do."

"I do love you, Betty, and I always will. I also feel sorry for Maple. She has fallen for Victor. Something just doesnít seem right about all of this."

"I wish I could say I love you, Scott, but I just donít know. All I know is I know I care about you and Victor and now Iím getting married to Victor."

"You can always change your mind." Scott bent over and kissed her fully on the lips. To his amazement, she didnít fight. She just kissed him back.

"This has to stop," said Betty when they broke apart and he came back for more. "I canít do this to Victor. Weíre getting married and the sooner, the better."

"Once more, and I will leave this room a happy man, and everyone will think we worked things out. Deal?"


Scott leaned over, kissed her one last time, and left the room.


Maple and Victor were sitting at a booth in the Buttery. They had ran into each other there and decided to eat together. Actually, for the last couple of weeks they'd eaten together, and they were starting to really enjoy each other's company.

"This has been fun, hasnít it?" asked Maple.

"Yes, it has, but tomorrow Betty and I are getting married," said Victor. He leaned over and kissed Maple. To his surprise, he liked it.

"We'd better get back. Iíve got a show to do," said Maple, and they headed back, not saying a word.


Scott walked into the Green Room, and saw Maple there, crying.

"Mapes, whatís wrong?" asked Scott, worried about his friend.

"Same problem you're having, except with Victor," said Maple. "How about going out for a couple of drinks?" asked Scott.

"I would love too. I just hope I can drown my sorrows. I wish I could stop that wedding tomorrow."

Betty and Victor were sitting at a booth in the deli by her trolley stop. Scott and Maple never showed up for the rest of the day, and no one knew where they were.

"Victor, are you nervous about tomorrow?" asked Betty.

"Actually, Iím not," said Victor.

"Do you really love me?" asked Betty.

"I care for you a lot."

"But do you love me?"

"I just donít know. Do you love me?"

"I canít say. If we are so unsure, and tomorrow is our wedding day, I think we need to call the wedding for now. Just us two planning to get married has hurt two others who love us."

"Youíre right, but how how shall we tell the others?"

Betty thought for a second and said, "Piece of cake." She leaned over to tell Victor her plan.


"Scottyscottyscotty," said Betty, walking into the Green Room where Scott was sitting with an icepack on his head.

"Ouch!" said Scott. "Donít talk so loud!"

"Did you have too much to drink last night?" asked Betty.

"Iím in love with a girl who is getting married today to someone else. Iíve tried to change so I could get her to smile her pretty smile again on me and say ĎI love you.í I thought I did change, but not enough, I guess."

"Scott, that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." Scott looked up hopefully. Betty continued. "I love you, Scott." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, and left.

Now itís too late, or is it? Scott thought to himself.


Maple walked into the Writerís Room, where Betty was typing that afternoonís shows.

"I canít let you get married today after what you did to Scott in the Green Room," exclaimed Maple.

"Maple, Iím getting married today, and are you really doing this, because you love Victor?" asked Betty.

"I do care for Victor, but I'm worried about Scott, too. He's in love with you, and you told him you love him, too. Now, you are coming with me to Victorís office to tell him the wedding is off," said Maple, pushing Betty out the door.

They walked into the office. Maple spoke first. "Betty has something important to tell you."

"I have to call off the wedding," said Betty.

"Betty, do you really want to?Ē asked Victor.

"I donít know," said Betty.

"Then maybe we should call it off until you are sure," said Victor.

"Sheís in love with Scott. I think you should call it off completely," said Maple.

"Is that true?" asked Victor.

"Yes, I guess so," said Betty.

Maple walked out, leaving them to figure out what to do with everything.

"We did it, Victor. Maple is all yours," said Betty.

"Do you have the marriage licence?" asked Victor.

"Yes. Now all I have to do is get Scott to sign it and we can get married on the show instead. Piece of cake."

"Great." They hugged, and then Betty left to do her mission.


Maple and Victor peaked into the Writerís Room to see how Betty was doing with Scott. Betty noticed them and gave the o.k. sign to Victor to go on with the rest of the plan.

Scott and Betty finally broke apart from a long kiss. "Betty, is it all over between you and Victor?" asked Scott.

"One hundrend percent. There is one more thing we have to do," said Betty, giving him a look.

"What's that?" asked Scott.

"We need to get married."

"Usually, doesnít the man ask the woman first?"

"Yes, but we only have 10 minutes until ĎBridal Bouquetí goes on."

"But Betty, we donít have any license or rings or anything."

"Scott, that has been taken care of."

"You're a remarkable woman." Scott leaned over and kissed her one more time before the wedding.


"...I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," said the priest.

While Betty and Scott were kissing, Maple and Victor just looked at each other, their love revealed.

They broke apart, and everyone stood and cheared. THE END

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