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The Gift and a Vacation

by Rita Widmer

Disclaimer: All characters and references to the TV show "Remember WENN" are not owned by me, but to the company of the show. I own this story.

Italics denotes thoughts.

The whole WENN gang was getting ready to celebrate Valentineís Day. Everywhere you walked you could see pink and red hearts of all different sizes.

Betty was walking down the hall, looking at the decorations. "Nice place for a romantic dance, isnít it?" Betty asked Gertie.

"Youíll have plenty of people to dance with Betty. Me, Iíll be lucky if I get asked to dance, and you are right, it is a nice place for the Valentine's Day Dance," said Gertie Reece.

"Donít worry about the dance. I may not even go. I have a lot of scripts to catch up on."

"And disappoint the two men who love you?"

"Gertie, if I went, I'd have to disappoint one of them by having to chose who to dance with."

"Do whatever you want, but I think it is about time you chose who you love."

"Betty Betty Betty, youíre going to save me the first dance, arenít you?" asked Scott, coming out of Studio A.

"If I go, I will, Scott," said Betty.

"Hey, you have to go. We're all going to be exchanging presents and cards," said Scott anxiously.

"I will try, Scott, but I have lots of scripts to catch up on before I go on vacation on Wednesday," said Betty.

"Where are you going?" asked Gertie.

"I am going away. I need some days off," said Betty. She knew she had a decision to make. "Oh, and I will go, no matter what."


Betty walked into Studio A, where the dance was about to begin. Someone had hung mistletoe, of course, probably Scott. That must be the reason he so anxiously wanted her to come.

"Hey, everybody," said Betty.

Scott turned to Eugenia, who was sitting at the organ to motion her to start. He took Betty in his arms. Betty did not recognize the song, but it was very pretty.

The song is very pretty, isnít it?" asked Betty.

"It is written especially for you. This is my Valentineís Day present to you from me," said Scott.

"You wrote this?"

"No, but I had a friend of mine write it, and I told her what I wanted to say."

"Scott, you shouldnít have. Can I go see the words?"

They walked over to the organ where Eugenia was playing the song. Betty looked over the words and started to sing.

This is for my one Valentine.
You are as sweet as candy.
Your smile warms up the coldest day.
I love you my one and only, Valentine.

When the song was over, she ran to Scott and hugged him. She looked up, and saw they were under the mistletoe. He knew it was there and bent down to kiss her, long and passionately. She never even tried to fight back. Maybe she didnít have to make a decision. They broke apart and Victor walked into the studio.

"This is for you, Betty," said Victor, holding a big bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

"Thanks, Scott and Victor for the beautiful presents, but let's continue the dance. Victor, may I have this dance?" asked Betty. They started to dance and everyone joined in or sat back and watched.

Scott didnít like to be left out, so he went and tapped on Victorís shoulder to cut in.

"Find your own girl, Scott," said Victor.

This only made Scott even more mad, because Victor was holding Betty really close. What was worse, she didn't seem to mind a bit. She kissed me after I gave her the song. The song finally ended, and when the next song started Scott rushed in and got to Betty first.

Victor sat out this one, but didnít get mad at the two dancing together. Inside, he was realizing that he didnít care about Betty like he used to. She changed since he left for London and he wasnít sure if he loved the new Betty as much.


The dance was over and Betty and Scott danced the last dance together. Scott went to get the music, and handed it to her. On the back it said, "To Betty, my one and only valentine. Love, Scott."

"Scott, I really donít know what to say," said Betty, with tears in her eyes.

"When I first realized how much I loved you, I vowed to change myself to be a better man, one that you could love," said Scott, wiping one of the tears from her face.

"You have changed, and I've considered that, but I still havenít made my choice yet. I neeed to get away from here for a while. I leave the day after tomorrow and wonít be back until Monday. I may have an answer by then, but I need to go. I still have scripts to write."

She kissed him on the cheek as she left.


Maple noticed that Scott had been looking down and sad for the last of couple of days. "Hey, Scotty, whatís up with you? You donít seem like yourself," asked Maple.

"I guess I miss Betty," said Scott.

"You really do care for her, donít you?"

"Yeah, I do. I think she's going to make a decision on who she loves on her vacation."

"I think most of us are cheering for you, Big Guy."

"Iíll need all the help I can get."

"Scott, I think she really does love you, or she wouldnít have put up with you from the beginning.Ē

"She knows me better then I do, I think. Maple, if she chooses me, I'll ask her to marry me, I promise."


"Honestly," said Scott as he left.


Betty finally got back on Tuesday, calling in saying that she couldnít come in on Monday. She planned ahead so she had scripts for them in the file cabinet. Making her decision was the hardest part, but how to tell Scott and Victor wasn't any easier.

"Scott, can you come in here, please?" asked Betty, peeking out of Victorís office.

"Yeah, sure, Betty," said Scott. He walked in and saw Victor. "Oh, hi, Victor."

"I'd like to congratulate you, Mr. Sherwood. Betty decided that she loves you," said Victor, shaking Scottís hand. He was truly happy for the both of them. He walked out, leaving the two lovebirds alone.

"Scott, I love you," said Betty.

"I love you, too," said Scott. He went over to her and kissed her. When they broke apart, Scott kneeled down and took out a velvet box and said, "Will you marry me?"

"Stand up, goofball. Of course I'll marry you!"

Scott had the biggest smile on his face. I can't believe she said yes. I'm going to get married. What an idea! Well, he had to ask, because he promised Maple, but he would have done it anyway.

"Scott, I had trouble believeing I was in love with you. You're so different from the man I thought I would ever marry."

"I didnít think you would chose me. I also I had trouble believing I was in love with you and I wanted to marry you. Marriage is something I thought would never happen to me. You changed my ways and made me a better man."

"I hope you didnít change too much, Mr. Sherwood." They kissed and just held on to each other for the love they revealed.


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