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Love Story: An Introduction

by Rita Widmer

Disclaimer: The characters and story belong to Rupert Holmes/Howard Meltzer Productions.


I'd like to tell you a story. It's a long story, but a great love story. We grew up hearing the story so many times from the man that made it all happen. A story of love coming out of the midst of WWII.

Now to the story, but not from the beginning. I would first like to bring you to the point where the love story really began. In 1940, a man walked into a little station called WENN. In his hands were a recommendation letter and a book of limerics. He was looking for a certain Betty Roberts, who was pretty, but also very smart.

He became the station manager and brought his crazy ideas for making money to the station. This would bother this Betty Roberts but she would always make sure to correct what had been done. The man saw something special in this girl, just like Victor Comstock had said in London. After a couple of weeks there they got the news of Victorís death. Miss Roberts grieved for Victor day and night. The man decided to follow her home every night to make sure she was safe. He was the person who finally got her out of her grievance. As the months went by they grew closer.

During a lucky moment in the quarantine she kissed him on the cheek. Not long after that they had started dating, and the man was falling in love with this lovely Betty Roberts. This happiness didnít last. In the wee small hours of the night Victor came back alive to tell only Betty so. Another point was made that effects this story: Victor Comstock had said he had never heard of the man, and he was supposedly the man who wrote the recommendation letter.

Betty didnít know what to do, but when the man was fired she brought out the recommendation letter and the book of limerics and told him that he had forged the letter. First, the man decided to lie to get out of it, but he came back a couple of minutes later to tell the truth, and kiss her good-bye, to her unwantingness.

A week later he came back and got hired as an actor. She would not forgive him for what he did, but he knew he had to win her, because he loved her more then anything in the world.

With a gun to his head, the man told Betty I love you. The gun was held by Victor. The only person who got shot was Rollie Pruit, a Nazi saboteur. Betty was finally lightening up on him. There was only one problem. Victor was back as station manager to stay.

Stay tuned for the story of a man named Scott Sherwood as he tries to win the heart of Betty Roberts.

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