Born 4 Oct 1779, Ananias is the third child born to Benjamin and possibly Melinda Gurley Thomas. Ananias was listed as chain bearer in a survey for land granted to his father on 30 Sep 1799. Dated 5 Apr 1821, he purchased the same 250-acre grant (T-191, Anson) from his father. Situated on the South Side of Richardson's Creek, this land adjoined that of his father and Michael Austin. On 24 Dec 1838, Ananias received a grant for thirty acres situated on the South Side of Richardson's Creek that adjoined William Gurley's land. Sons John R. and Ebenezer Thomas were listed as chain bearers on the survey.

"Nias", as he was sometimes called, lived in the section of Anson County that became part of Union County in 1842. The county's first tax records lists Ananias as owning 299 acres. On the 1844 Union County tax list, someone unofficially wrote the maiden names of the Thomas spouses. The name of Sarah Ross was written beside that of Ananias Thomas. From the appearance of the writing, this was likely done in more modern times and should not be considered as proof. As written on her grave marker, we know that Ananias's wife is indeed named Sarah and born in 1789. Ananias Thomas would have married Sarah Ross prior to the 1808 birth of their firstborn. I have yet to find further verification as to ancestry of Sarah Thomas.

Ananias Thomas was born October 4, 1779 in Anson Co., N.C., and died February 16, 1861 in Olive Branch, Union Co NC. He likely married Sarah Ross.

Children of Ananias Thomas and Sarah Ross are:

1. Winnie Thomas, born 8 Mar 1808 in Anson Co NC, died 15 Nov 1875 in Union Co NC. She married ca. 1825 James E. Austin, Jr.

2. David Thomas, born ca. 1810 in Anson Co NC, died 1854 in Union Co NC. He married ca. 1830 Alice Newsom.

3. Headley Thomas, born 1815 in Anson Co NC, died 1861 in Union Co NC. He married Winney Baucom.

4. John R. Thomas, born 1817 in Anson Co NC, died 1857 in Union Co NC. He married on 2 Dec 1846 Annis Nance.

5. Ebenezer Thomas, born 1820 in Anson Co NC, died ca. 1880 in Union Co NC. He married first on 2 Apr 1843 Mary Margaret Green. He married second on 13 Dec 1869 in Anson Co Sara Emmeline Curran.

6. Lucy M. Thomas, born ca. 1821 in Anson Co NC, died 13 Mar 1889 in Iredell Co NC. She married on 20 Oct 1842 John F. Howard.

7. Jacob Thomas, born 1823 in Anson Co NC, died 27 Oct 1887 in Union Co NC. He married on 4 Feb 1846 Hester Holly.

8. Ananias Thomas Jr., born 1827 in Anson Co NC, died 1858 in Union Co .NC. He married Sarah E. Baucom.

9. Benjamin Thomas, born ca. 1830 in Anson Co NC, died 16 Nov 1862 in Lynchburg VA while serving in CSA Co. E, 48th Reg. NC. He married 13 Dec 1857 Eliza Jane Nance.

10. Sarah Ellen Thomas, born ca. 1836 in Anson Co NC. She married on 18 Oct 1855 Elbert J. W. Howard.

As the children of Ananias married and began settling down, death took its toll on those who lived near Richardsons's Creek. The likely cause was typhoid fever and other diseases that were prevalent during this time. Beginning with the death of son David in 1854, four of the sons of Ananias would die before 1861. In 1862, another son died from disease while serving in the Civil War.

Dated 8 Nov 1860, Ananias wrote his Last Will and Testament. "As I have give to all my children all that I have for them," Ananias bequeathed the house and remaining land to his wife Sarah. Co-executors were Sarah and the Reverend Edmond L. Davis. Ananias died on 16 Nov 1861, and is buried on a knoll near the banks of Gourdvine Creek. He is buried at "Davis Grove", otherwise known as "The Edmond Davis Cemetery". Survived by only four of her ten children, Sarah Ross Thomas died intestate on 6 Aug 1867. Listing many of the grandchildren, a lengthy list of her heirs was recorded in the Estate settlement. Sarah is buried beside her husband.


Winnie Thomas
David Thomas
Headley Thomas
John Robert Thomas
Ebenezer B. Thomas
Lucy M. Thomas
Jacob Thomas
Ananias Thomas, Jr.
Benjamin Thomas
Sarah Ellen Thomas


The Last Will and Testament of Ananias Thomas
The List of Heirs as Written in Article II in the Final Estate of Sarah Thomas
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