Benjamin Thomas of Anson County cannot be the son of Stephen Thomas of Maryland as was once believed. Our family DNA in no way matches that of known descendants of Stephen Thomas. And, past research clearly traces Stephenís son Benjamin not to our family, but to Tennessee and on to Alabama where he is believed to have died.

With the traditional story proven to be incorrect, our Thomas family research has been at a standstill for several years. This recently changed with a DNA breakthrough matching the descendants of our Benjamin Thomas to a large Thomas family living in Moore and Chatham Counties NC. That group is believed to have migrated from Bertie County NC with roots reaching further back to the earliest days of Virginia.

At this point Iíll begin to modify my website reflecting knowledge of this new information. Iíll include information on the Thomas family from Moore and Chatham Counties as we are cousins and somewhere thereís a link connecting us all.

To aid in making the case, we ask that representatives from any Thomas lines out of northeast North Carolina be Y ĖDNA tested. Many of us use In order to verify family lines stretching west across our country, testing is the best way to establish kinship. It becomes much easier to connect the dots once kinship is established through DNA.

Through personal research and the evaluation of other findings, I have been unable to verify some of the key events as attibuted to our Benjamin Thomas. I believe there were two other Benjamin Thomas's whose records have been attributed to our ancestor. The first was the deceased Revolutionary War Soldier whose wife is listed in the 1790 Randolph County NC Census. The second Benjamin Thomas lived in Anson and Richmond Counties NC before moving to South Carolina and then to Tennessee prior to 1800. This is likely the Son of Stephen Thomas from Maryland.

As for the Benjamin Thomas who lived and died on Richardson's Creek in Anson/Union County NC, his ancestor is not known at this time. To learn more about the family, please click on:

Who was Benjamin Thomas of Anson County?

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