Winnie Thomas

Born 8 Mar 1808, Winnie is the oldest child of Annanias and Sarah Ross Thomas. She married ca. 1826 James E. Austin. Born 3 Jan 1799, he is the son of James Allen Austin and Fannie Snipes. In the 1850 Union County Census, James E. Austin is listed as Constable. Raising a large family in New Salem, James operated a sawmill situated on the Rocky River.

Buried in the Austin Family Cemetery located in a clearing behind the house of Columbus Little on Old Country Road #1627, James E. Austin died 15 Nov 1875. In the 1880 Union County Census, Winnie Austin is listed as 72 years old and living with the family of her son John M. Austin. Winnie joined her husband on 9 Nov 1884.

The children of James E. and Winnie Austin are:

A. Elizabeth Jane Austin b.11 Jan 1826 d. 7 Jun 1853, married on 17 Apr 1848 to Gideon A. Greene. The bondsman was Annanias Thomas. The grandson of Gideon Green, Gideon A. is the son of Nathan Green and Elizabeth Kiser. The first known record for the elder Benjamin Thomas in Anson County was as a chain bearer in the 1778 survey for Gideon Green's Land Grant. Dated 1 Jul 1847, Nathan Greene conveyed a gift deed to his son Gideon A. Greene. The 185 acres in Cabarus County adjoined the Rocky River and lands of Michael Garmon. Before her premature death in 1853, Eliza Jane gave birth to one daughter named Elizabeth Jane Greene. Elizabeth Jane Greene married? Gideon moved back to Cabarus County before enlisting in CSA Co. Reg. NC. Returning home from the war, he married to Mary Margaret…

B. Harriet Clinton Austin b. 10 Apr 1828 d. 5 Aug 1812, married on 24 Jan 1850 William Staton b. 29 Mar 1823 d. 6 Jun 1914. He is the son of James A. and Maniza Staton. Following the Civil War, Col. Jones and a company of Federal troops were sent to Monroe with the mission of controlling the people in the area. As with many others, William Staton disliked the social changes arising during the Reconstruction Period. The families of William Staton and sister Emeline Baucom removed to McDowell County NC. Selling their holdings in Union County, William and Harriet lived for a while under a large overhanging Rock face on the west side of the road that runs between Little Switzerland and Spruce Pine. Now the location of "Woody's Chair Manufacturer," this land was to be their home for about 1 year. William and Harriet located a beautiful valley 2 ˝ miles north of Little Switzerland on the road leading to Micaville. About ˝ mile north of Black Mountain Church, they cleared 100 acres of land, built a water mill, and reared 8 children. William Staton gave each child a home site in what is known as Staton's Valley. William and Harriet Clinton Staton are buried on the top of a small mountain two miles north of Little Switzerland. Their children are (A) Martha Ann Staton b. 1850, married ca. 1870 Billy Smith; (B) Eliza. Staton b. 1852; (C) Elizabeth P. Staton b. 1854; (D) James Staton b. 9 Nov 1854 d. 27 Jan 1937, married Martha Baucom b. 12 Apr 1851 d. 23 Aug 1913; (E) Winay J. Staton b. 1859, married George Good and possibly removed to KS; (F) Emma Staton married William Green; (G) Hettie Staton married Mr. Atterbury and removed to KS City; (H) John William Staton b. 3 Sep 1872 d. 6 Jan 1953, married 1 Sep 1895 Adaline Ballew d. 1914.

C. Elizabeth Austin b.14 Jan 1830 d. 21 Sep 1856, married on 25 Oct 1850 Ambrose Caudle b. 10 Oct 1827 d. 29 Oct 1891. Elizabeth and Ambrose had one son named James B. Caudle. Born in 1857, James married first cousin Jane Caudle on 13 Jun 1877. Jane is the daughter of Jesse Jr. and Lucinda Caudle.

D. Penelope Austin b. 1 Apr 1832 d. 16 Mar 1902, married on 14 Nov 1854 William Marshall Caudle b. 12 Apr 1835 d. 10 Nov 1899. William enlisted on 17 Aug 1862 and served in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC. He reported present from Jan 1863 through Apr 1864. Suffering from a gunshot wound to the left thigh, William was hospitalized at Richmond VA on 7 Oct 1864. He was furloughed for thirty days. No further military records. William and Penelope are buried at Crooked Creek Primative Baptist Church. Their children are (A) Louisia Caroline Caudle b. 1856, married Burrell Fink Rogers; (B) Isaac Gennison Caudle b. 1857, married 9 Jan 1879 Mary Anne Freezeland; (C) Mary Rosanne Caudle b. 1859, married on 12 Feb 1873 John or Marshall Long ; (D) John Marshall Caudle b. 1861, married on 27 Nov 1890 Cora A. Helms; (E) Penelope A. Caudle b. 1865, married on 30 Jan 1879 H. Wilson Medlin; (F) Cornelia M. Caudle b. 1867, married first Joe Tyzer and second Sy. Grifin; (J) Janie Buena Vista Caudle b. 1873, married Jim Edwards; and (K) William Henry Caudle b. 1874, married first Clemmie Caudle and second May Edwards.

E. Alfred Jones Austin b. 23 Jun 1835 d. 5 Jun 1907, married on 11 Sep 1856 Mary Emeline Polk Little b. 4 Sep 1838 d. 2 Aug 1906. A. J. Austin mustered in as Sergeant in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC. In 1864, he was reduced in rank for " assuming to give a pass to men without the Company Commander's permission." He was captured 31 Mar 1865 at Hatcher's Run in VA and was held prisoner at Point Lookout MD. Alfred Austin was released on 28 Jun 1865. The children of A. J. and Emeline Little are (A) Richard E. Austin, Atty., b. 1856, married Patty E. Ross b. 1872 d. 1958; (B) Sarena E. Austin b. 30 Jul 1858 d. 5 Jun 1907, married 13 Oct 1878 William S. Baucom b. 1854 d. 1904; (C) Dr. James Aaron Austin b. 8 Aug 1860 d. 16 Dec 1924, married 14 Dec 1884 Sarah Wilma Duncan b. 21 Sep 1868 d. 21 Jul 1941, daughter of W.W. and Sarah Hasty Duncan; (D) David A. Austin b. 12 Sep 1862 d. 15 Dec 1932, married 13 Dec 1885 Dora S. Helms b. 3 Aug 1871; (E) Rufus E. Austin b.1866, married 4 Nov 1897 Patty E. Ross b. 1852 d. 1958; (F) Daniel W. Austin b. 9 Jan 1869 d. 1928, married 12 Mar 1893 Minnie Hinson b. 1873; (G) Mary E. Austin b. 11 Mar 1871 d. 9 May 1923, married 12 Mar 1891 Isaac R. Duncan b. 1859; (H) Froney Alice Austin b. 21 Feb1874 d. 3 Dec 1948, married 31 Dec 1896 John D. Biggers b. 1870; (I) Riley J. Austin b. 3 Jan 1876 d. 1 Feb 1877; (J) Atlas Bunyan Austin b. 6 Jan 1878, married 26 Dec 1904 C. Ellen Brooks; (K) Daisey Austin b. 23 Jan 1883 d. 12 Sep 1934. Married 14 Jan 1900 Vernon J. Brooks b. 29 Nov 1881 d. 1 Nov 1950.

F. John Marcus Austin b. 31 Jan 1837 d. 19 Sep 1916, married on 27 Jun 1869 Susan Adeline Moore b. 1 Oct 1844 d. 12 Jun 1905. Susan is the daughter of Andrew and Mary Austin Moore. Their children are (A) David Wilson Austin b. 13 Apr 1870 d. 8 Jan 1928, married 29 Aug 1894 Embler Arwilder Thomas b. 1873, daughter of John Q. A. and Nancy Baucom Thomas; (B) William Deberry Austin b. 16 May 1871 d. 24 Dec 1936 bur Pleasant Grove Prim Bapt, married 20 Aug 1893 Sophronia C. Thomas b. 1875 d. 1920, daughter of John Q. A. and Nancy Baucom Thomas; (C) Elizabeth Virginia Austin b. 18 Dec 1872 d. 15 Aug 1882; (D) Julius LaFayette Austin b. 12 Nov 1874 d. 2 Jun 1908; (E) Huram Alexander Austin b. 1 Apr 1876 d. 5 Nov 1942, married Martha E. Godwin; (F) Mary Lou Austin b.14 Jun 1878, married Thomas Lexie Helms; (G) John Ellison Austin, b. 8 Dec 1880 d. 10 Jun 1950, married Bertha Worley; (H) Cyrus Cleveland Austin b. 15 Sep 1883 d. 30 Jun 1903,; (I) Sarah Francis Austin b. 4 Mar 1887, married Lester Helms; and (J) Della Alice Austin b. 5 Apr 1890, married Riley Helms.

G. Thomas Allen Austin b. 8 Mar 1840 d. 31 Mar 1928, married on 13 Mar 1870 Irene Jackson Due b. 30 May 1853 d. 2 Apr 1929 of Winnsboro, SC. Irene is the daughter of James H. and Harriet Christine Due. Serving in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC, Thomas A. was "Stunned by shell" on 14 Oct 1863 at Bristoe Station, VA. Returning to duty, he was wounded in the left arm at White Oak Swamp in VA. Thomas A. Austin eventually surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on 9 Apr 1865. Returning from the war, T. A, Austin met and married Irene J. Due. She had relocated to Monroe with her father following the 1864 death of her mother. A druggist by occupation, T. A Austin and family resided in Monroe. In 1926, T. A. and Irene Austin moved to Columbia, SC. He died in 1928, followed by his wife in 1929. Brought back to Monroe, they are buried in the Austin Family Plot at Suncrest Cemetery. Their children are (A) Ida Elizabeth Austin b. 22 Jun 1871, married first F.H. Correll, and second F. H. Terry; (B) Jessie Bright Austin b. 10 Jan 1873 d. 9 Mar 1958 Union County, SC, married Doyle Victor Brannon; (C) Della Georgeanna Austin b. 1 May 1875 d. 19 Dec 1897, married Lewis Falls Thomason; (D) Lula Irene Austin b. 17 Aug 1878, d. 02 Feb 1957, married William Mayo Witter; (E) Thomas Jefferson Austin b. 28 Jun 1880 d. 29 Aug 1924; (F) Winnifred Davis Austin b. 10 Apr 1882 d. 3 Mar 1966 Columbia SC, married Eugene Preston Carpenter (G) Inez Jackson Austin b. 10 Sep 1884 d. 18 Aug 1944 Palm Beach, FL, married Henry Elsworth Bemis; (H) John Frontis Austin b. 1 Apr 1887 d. 2 Feb 1947 Benson AZ, married Stella Warden; (I) Mary Audrey Austin b. 4 Oct 1888 d. abt. 1959 in Washington, DC, married Spencer Waters; and (J) James Madison Austin b. 8 May 1891, d. 13 Aug 1957 in PA, married Madeline Horne West.

H. Davidson Monroe Austin b. 4 Sep 1842 d. 6 Jul 1862. At age 18, on 20 Mar 1862 David D Austin enlisted in CSA Co. F 48th Reg. NC. On 25 Jun 1862, he was wounded in the thigh (fracture) and arm at King's School House in VA. He died of the wounds in a Richmond VA hospital on 6 Jul 1862. His father drove a team and wagon to the Hospital in Richmond to bring his body home. David M. Austin is buried near his parents in the Austin Family Cemetery.

I. Dr. James Franklin Austin b. 4 Oct 1844 d. before 1884, married Belle Simpson. Dated 24 Mar 1863, James F. enlisted in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC. He reported for duty until being wounded Sep 1863 at Reams Station VA. No further military record available for James F. Austin. Their children are (A) Henry Austin b. 1871 Wenatchee, Washington; (B) Ethel Austin Huntley, Hopewell, VA; (C) Mrs. Paul Koonce, Trenton; (D) and Mrs. Lillie Crowell, Oxford, NC.

J. William Anderson Austin b. 4 Oct 1846 d. 10 Jan 1922, married first on 28 May 1871 Sarah Caroline Smith b. 16 Feb 1851 d. 1 Mar 1889, daughter of John Wesley Smith and Lydia Brooks. Their children are (A) Lydia Lugenia Austin b. 25 Apr 1872 d. 15 Dec 1944, married 8 Aug 1886 Andrew A. Williams b. 17 Aug 1865 d. 1 Dec 1918; (B) Emily Florence Austin b. 14 Jul 1873, married John Thomas; (C) Sarah Anderson Austn b. 24 May 1875 d. 6 Nov 1895; (D) Harriet Anna Austin b. 22 Jun 1877, married B. A. Porter; (E) Winnie Edna Austin b. 7 Mar 1878 d. 26 Sep 1895; (F) Baxter Asberry Austin b. 31 Dec 1881 d. 4 Mar 1904; (G) Lola Maude Austin b. 22 May 1884 d. 3 Nov 1975 in Danville, VA, married Oscar A. Thomason; and (H) William Atlas Austin b. 21 Apr 1887 d. 11 Aug 1887. After the death of first wife Caroline, Willaim A. Austin married Belle Trull. Their children are: (A) James Thomas Austin b. 5 Feb 1897; (B) Jesse Kerr Austin b. 30 Jul 1899; (C) Bessie May Austin b. 23 Jul 1901; (D) Addie Bell Austin b. 2 Apr 1903; (E) William Hoyt Austin b. 3 May 1910; and his twin (F) Hoyle Price Austin b. 3 May 1910.

K. Winnie Emeline Austin b. 4 Apr 1850 d. 8 Apr 1908, married on 6 Mar 1868 John Alexander Little b. 15 Jan 1842 d. 29 Oct 1914. The son of James and Sophia Little, John A. Little served in CSA Co. C 48th Reg. NC. The children of Winnie and J. A. Little are (A) David Luther Little b. 1870; (B) John Tiner Little b. 1873, married Mollie Moore; (C) Lou Cora Little b. 1875; (D) Henry Dumas Little b. 1878 d. 1936, married Martha Sophronia Mullis b. 1879 d. 1959; (E) Columbus Lorenzo Little, married Addie Edwards; (F) Inez Little b. 1885, married Silas Honeycutt; (G) Ethel Little; and (H) Maude Little.

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