Born ca. 1836, Sarah is the youngest child of Annanias and Sarah Ross Thomas. She married on 18 Oct 1855 to Elbert John Wesley (J. W.) Howard. Sarah's nephew John M. Thomas was bondsman. Elbert Howard was born 1836, the son of Tapley and Elizabeth Harward. In the 1860 census, James and Sarah lived beside her mother in Union County. Dated 23 Aug 1862, Elbert J. W. Howard enlisted in CSA Co A, 48th Reg. NC. Because of diarrhorea, he was hospitalized on 16 Sep 1862 in Richmond, VA. Elbert reported home on sick furlough in Mar 1864. Suffering from chronic rheumatism, he was hospitilized at Raleigh on 27 Sep 1864. He was transferred on 1 Jan 1865. No further military record.

Elbert and family removed to the Long Creek section of Mecklenburg County. In the 1880 Meckenburg County Cencus, they are listed as living in Lemley. Dated Mar 1879, E. J.W. Howard deeded $28.55 worth of crops or property to B. Sample of Mecklenburg in order to settle a debt owed.

The children of Elbert and Sarah Ellen are:

A. James E. Howard b. Aug 1856, married on 1 Dec 1879 Mary C. Thomas b. Jan 1859. Mary is the daughter of Annanias, Jr. and Sarah E. Thomas. Living in Union County, James and Mary raised the following children: (A) Daniel L. Howard b. Mar 1882; (B) Leander W. Howard b. Aug 1888; (C) Lillie M. Howard b. Oct 1897; and Conard E Thomas, an adopted son b. Dec 1894.

B. Daniel McCollum Howard b. Jul 1857, married Jennie b. Sep 1860. Their children are (A) Lee A. Howard b. Aug 1887; (B) Bessie A. Howard b. Nov 1891; (C) Wade H. Howard b. Jul 1894; and (D) Lillie M. Howard b. Dec 1897.

C. Mary Catherine Howard b. 1859

D. Thomas Davidson Howard b. Apr 1862. In the 1900 Mecklenburg County Census, Thomas Howard b. Apr 1862 is listed as married to Alice, b. Mar 1863. Living in Lenly Township, their children are (A) Cherry Howard b. Jan 1880; (B) Willis Howard b. Oct 1884; (C) John Howard b. Mar 1886; (D) Lettie Howard b. Jan 1888; (E) Lilly Howard b. Dec 1895; and (F) Lottie Howard b. Apr 1898.

E. John Ruffin Howard b. 1864

F. Sarah Eelizabeth Howard b. 1866

G. Cornelia Emeline Howard b. 1868

H. W. Marshall Howard b. Dec 1870, married Maggie J. b. Dec 1871. Living in Barringer Township, their children are (A) E. Clyde b. Dec 1893; (B) J. Flake Howard b. Mar 1895; and (C) William I. Howard b. Jan 1897.

I. R. Wilder Howard b. 1874

Ananias Thomas

Sarah's father

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