Born 5 Jul 1817, Ebenezer B. Thomas is the fifth child born to Annanias and Sarah Ross Thomas. He married first on 26 Apr 1843 in Cabarrus County, NC to Mary Margaret Green. Bondsman was Nathan Green. Born 5 Aug 1821, Mary is the daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Kizer Green of Southern Cabarus County.

The 1844 Union County tax list records Ebenezer's first ownership of land. Beginning with 96 acres in 1844, his Union County holdings dwindled until he was listed as owning no land in the year 1846. This fact and a land transaction indicate that Ebenezer had moved. Dated 4 Nov 1845, Ebenezer purchased 206 acres (19-60, Cabarrus NC) in Cabarrus County from John W. Long of Union County. The land was located on the waters of the Rocky River and Clear Creek. Lying on both sides of the Dutch Wagon Road, it butted the lands of Garmon and George W. Polk. The transaction was witnessed by Mark Kizer and John N. Wilson.

Dated 12 Mar 1858, and for one dollar in hand, E.B. Thomas sold his 206 acres (20-426, Cabarus). "It being the plantation on which I now live," this was a special trust created to settle debts owed by Ebenezer Thomas.

In 1860, Ebenezer and Mary are listed in the Union County Census as residents and owning 174 acres. On 15 Jan 1867, E. B. and wife Mary Margaret Thomas of Union County sold their 230-acre share of Nathan Green's Cabarus County estate lands. Adjoining the Rocky River and lands of Micheal Garmon and David Kiser, this tract was sold to Mary's brother, George J. Green.

Mary Margaret Thomas died prior to 1869 and is likely buried at the Reverend Edmond Davis Cemetery in the Olive Branch community . Following her death, Ebenezer purchased 50 acres on Richardson's Creek and Shop House Branch on 25 Jan 1869. This land is situated near the Anson/Union County line.

The children of Ebenezer Thomas and Mary Margaret Green are:

A. Davidson C. Thomas b. 13 Apr 1844, married on 12 Aur 1866 Miriam Tarlton. Served in CSA Co. D, 37 Reg. NC. He was wounded in the forehead at Fredricksburg on 13 Dec 1862. Returning to the picket line, David C. Thomas reported to duty until deserting to the enemy at Petersburg, on Jan 19 1865. Sent to Washington, D.C., he was later released.

B. Nathaniel Greene Thomas b. 27 Sep 1845 d. 26 Feb 1912, married on 4 Sep 1875 Frances Ann Traywick b. 7 Jan 1859 d. 21 Apr 1936 bur. Traywick Cem. Nathaniel served in the Junior Reserves before transferring to CSA Co. D, 37 Reg. NC. He was captured at Petersburg, Va. on 2 Apr 1865 and confined at Fort Deleware, DE until later being released. Children are (A) Bonnie Kate Thomas b. 1880, married 3 Aug 1911 E.J. Price, son of E. A. and Edna; (B) Ada Blanch Thomas, married Tucker; (C) Samuel Lowman Thomas b. 1 Mar 1883 d 27 Apr 1957, married 10 Apr 1906 Annie Maude Baucom; (D) Ora Nelle Thomas b. 1887, married 13 May 1911 L. J. Simpson b. 1875, son of John M. and Elmira; (E) Mary Trawick Thomas, married Helms; (F) Buena Vista Thomas b. 1894, married Pittman; (G) Lucy Thomas b. 29 Feb 1895 d. 24 Jan 1906 bur Monroe Cem; (H) Annie Atahlee Thomas b.1899, married 23 Jul 1914 W. Roy Hudson and second to Albea; and (I) John Edward Thomas.

C. Sarah Ann Thomas b. 24 Dec 1846 d. 5 Aug 1916 bur Wingate NC, married first 12 Sep 1877 in Anson County Joseph A. Perry b. 1856. In the marriage license, Joe is listed as the son of Jonathan and Rebecca Perry of Ashe County. Joe and Sarah were married in the house of her brother James E. Thomas. The children of Sarah and Joe are (A) Rebecca J. Perry b. 1878; and (B) Jacob J. Perry b. 21 Oct 1880 d. 5 Jan 1945 bur Wingate Town Cem, married Jessie Watson b. 12 Nov 1885 d. 5 Jul 1955.

Sarah Ann married second on 12 Oct 1887 to Pinkney Bass. On the death certificate for Sarah A. Bass, her last place of residence was in Charlotte at 500 West Palmer Street.

D. Martha E. Thomas b. 26 Sep 1850.

E. James Ebenezer Thomas b. 27 Aug 1852 d. 2 Jun 1930 bur Hopewell, married in Anson County 1 Aug 1875 Margaret E. Horne b. 23 Dec 1856 d. 3 Apr 1921. Their children are (A) Mary R Thomas b. 10 Jun 1878 d. 11 Mar 1941, married Stokes; (B) Henrietta Thomas b. 25 Nov 1878 d. 27 Jan 1958 bur Hopewell, married Adams; (C) Verdy V. Thomas b. 30 Jun 1881 d. 25 Sep 1881; (D) Lou Thomas b. Aug 1882; (E) J. Stacy Thomas b. 26 Feb 1885 d. 18 Nov 1956, married 21 Aug 1906 Mary Caudle b. 16 Apr 1889 d. 12 Dec 1973, dau of Ike; (F) Sallie Thomas b. Feb 1888; (G) Pleasant E. Thomas b. 4 Jan 1891 d. 22 Mar 1892; (H) Private Lonnie J. Thomas b. 4 Nov 1895 d. 29 Sep 1918 WWI bur Hopewell.

F. John Hoke Thomas b. 26 Jul 1853 d. 26 Jul 1926 bur Hopewell, married in Anson County 17 Dec 1876 Eliza Jane Sheppard b. 5 Nov 1857, d. 27 May 1938. Eliza Jane is the daughter of Thomas and Frances Shepard. At the time of his death, John Thomas, was a grocer living in Charlotte. Their children are (A) Dora Thomas b. 1878; (B) Annie Thomas b. 25 Nov 1881, d. 20 Aug 1892 (C) J. Stacey Thomas b. 26 Feb 1885 d. 18 Nov 1956, married 23 Oct 1904 Martha C. Williams b. 16 Apr 1889 d. Dec 12 1973, dau of Frank and Emeline; (D) Lela Thomas b. 10 Jul 1886 d. Jul 22 1886 bur Hopewell; and (E) Mary Thomas b. 1898.

G. Jacob A. Thomas b. 9 Jun 1857 d. 3 Jun 1932 bur. Pleasant Hill Cem, married first on 6 Jun 1880 Annie Sikes b. 1845 d. 1889. She is the daughter of James and Lucinda Sikes. Jacob probably lived on his father's early land holdings. He moved to Charlotte before his death. Listed in his death certificate, the father of Jacob A. Thomas is Rev. Ebeneze Thomas. The children of Jacob and Annie are (A) Jonah Thomas b. Jul 1883, married 29 Apr 1904 Ada Griffin b. 1887, daughter of Archie and Elizabeth; and James "Eben" Thomas b. 6 Jan 1885 d. 20 May 1949 bur. Monroe Cem, married 24 Apr 1920 Mrs. Pearl Trull b. 1892, the dau of J. T. and Lydia Griffin.

Following the death of Annie, Jacob married second on 15 Aug 1889 Elizabeth Maness b. Mar 1863 d. 1942, dau of Emmaline Maness. Their children are (A) John P. Thomas b. Aug 1890, married 26 Mar 1913 Estelle Austin b. 1889, daughter of John and Rosa; (B) Sylvestor Thomas b. Sep 1892; (C) Mary "Maude" Thomas b. Aug 1893; (D) Caldwell "Claude" Thomas b. Feb 1894; (E) Estelle Thomas b. Feb 1894, and (F) W. Joseph Thomas b. Aug 1896, married 24 Aug 1919 Dona Edwards b. 1892, the dau of A. B. and Martelia Edwards.

Living on Harrill Street in Charlotte, Jacob's Death Certificate lists his father as Rev. Ebeneze Thomas.

G. Eliza Jane Thomas b. 27 Sep 1857 d. 8 Jan 1926 bur Monroe Cem, married James Benton Nash b. 13 Apr 1862 d. 19 Dec 1925, the son of Allen and Martha Hill Nash of Stanly County NC. According to his death certificate, James B. Nash was a cotton seed merchant living on E. Jefferson Street in Monroe. The children of Eliza Jane and Benton are (A) Saphronia Nash b. Mar 1880; (B) Martha Nash b. Aug 1886, married 1901 R. Baxter Starnes; (C) Julius C. Nash b. Jul 1888, married 1921 Lela Mangum; (D) Henry G. Nash b. May 1890 married 1912 Bertha Jemima Harris; (E) Pearl Nash b. Apr 1894, married 1910 A. V. Helms; (F) Fannie Nash b. Jun 1896; and (G) Worth G. Nash b. Sep 1899, married 1922 Julia Bille McIntire.

Ebenezer married second in Anson County on 13 Dec 1869 Sarah Emeline Currin, the daughter of William and Chloe Currin. On 29 Jul 1879, in Union County, Ebenezer wrote his
last will and testament. He left each child one dollar, and bequeathed the remainder of the estate to his wife Emeline. On 24 Mar 1882, Emeline Thomas (widow of E. B. Thomas) and heirs of William Currin deeded the homeplace (22-469, Anson) to Simon P. Currin. As written, this transaction provided the younger Simon with his share of the estate. I have not found any further info on what eventually happened to either Ebenezer's land or his wife Emeline. The only child of Ebenezer and Emeline is:

A. William Shelby Thomas b. 3 Aug 1873, married in Anson County 26 Mar 1893 Jennie Porter b. 1876, dau of Alfred and Susan. Their daughter is (A) Odez Thomas,b. Feb 1893.



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