Headley was born ca. 1815, the third child of Annanias and Sarah Ross Thomas. Dated 21 Nov 1818, Headley's father "Anias" witnessed two land transactions by "Headley" Coburn. They are:
Deed (S-305, Anson NC) 21 Nov 1818. Headley Cobourn to A. and D. McRae. Being 100 acres on both Horse Pen and Flat Rock Branches of Gourdvine Creek. Witnesses were Anias Thomas and Solomon Mullis.
Deed (S-310, Anson NC) 21 Nov 1818. Headley Cobourn to A and D. McRae.
Tract 1: being 100 acres on the lower side of Richardson's Creek and adjoining Charles Cook's land and being part of a grant to Bryant Lee on 18 Dec 1799.
Tract 2: being 50 acres adjoining Solomon Mullis land. This tract was surveyed for Charles Cook by Morgan Brown.
Tract 3: being 100 acres adjoining Bryant Lee's land.
Tract4: Being 100 acres granted to Headley Coburn on 12 Oct 1799 and adjoining lands of Solomon Mullis and Francis Cobourn.
Tract 5: Being 100 acres granted to Headley Coburn on 17 Sep 1799.
Tract 6: being 300 acres on Negroe Head Creek adjoining Francis Coburn and Solomon Mullis and granted to Headley Coburn on 18 Oct 1796.
Tract 7: Being 20 acres on the east side of Negroe Head Creek and running up the first branch to Francis Cobourn's plantation and adjoins Solomon Mullis land.
Witnesses were Anias Thomas and Solomon Mullis.
Headley Coburn was the son of Francis Coburn [Cockburn] from Martin County NC. Of further interest, Ananias Thomas had a son named Ebenezer. There was also a Ebenezer Coburn. It is my belief that Headley Thomas was named for Ananias Thomas's neighbor Headley Coburn. Is there a kindred connection?

Headley Thomas married Winney Baucom prior to 1834. She is the daughter of Willie Baucom and Rebecca Tolson. Writing his Last Will and Testament on 21 Dec 1838, Willie Baucom mentioned his daughters Winney and Elizabeth Thomas. Elizabeth married Jacob, who was the son of Benjamin Thomas, Jr.

Dated 21 Aug 1837, Headley sold 100 acres (10-69,Anson) on the West Side of Gourdvine Creek to Henry Mullis. Witnesses were his brother David Thomas and William Holly. Henry Mullis later moved west. On 3 Feb 1842, Headley sold 115 acres (10-422, Anson) along Arnett Creek to Ausburn Turner. On 9 Nov 1850, he purchased from Ausburn Turner, 150 acres (4-176, Union) that adjoined Curlee Land and Hudson's Creek. These last two tracts straddled the Anson /Union County line. Hudson's Branch enters Richardson's Creek from the north side and runs parallel and less that 100 feet from the west side of Hwy-742.

Headly Thomas witnessed the last will and testament of Job Davis written on 2nd Mar 1852 in Stanly County NC. In the will, a Meeting house and cemetery are listed as being located on Job's etate land. The Meeting house is no longer there, but the cemetery is located near the Rocky River in Stanly County. I am not sure of Headly's neighborly relation to the Jodb Davis family.

Headley Thomas wrote his Last Will and Testament on 25 Oct 1861. Mentioning the above 150 acres of land, he left all to his wife Winney. Though the will listed trusty friend Thomas Baucom as Executor, Headley's son Calvin was appointed Administrator at a later date. On 1 Feb 1862, Calvin held a sale of the personal properties that belonged to Headley Thomas. Three months later, on 10 May 1862, Calvin Thomas enlisted for service in the war. Upon his return home in 1865, Calvin had to petition the court for an extension of time before the estate could be settled. He stated that "all of the notes taken at the sale and in his hands [were] uncollected with the exception of one for thirty dollars which was paid to his wife…in confederate currency".

On 30 Oct 1868, Calvin Thomas, Adm. of Headley Thomas, sold 142 acres (24-608, Anson) to his younger brother James W. Thomas. Situated mostly in Anson County on Cedar Branch, the land adjoined that of McIntire and Julius Hill. James D. Nance witnessed the transaction.

Dated 4 May 1894 and probated in Union County, Winney Thomas wrote her Last Will and Testament. Loose-leaf estate records for Winney Thomas states that she died on 24 May 1894 in Stanly County. At her death, Winney Thomas possessed the 155-acre tract on Richardson's Creek "known as the Headley Thomas place". The land adjoined that of Calvin Thomas, John Wiley Edwards and Sarah Spears. As per the will of Winney Thomas, the above land (25-404, Union) was divided between her four daughters on 28 Nov 1894.

Headley and Winney Baucom Thomas are buried on their home place near Hwy. 742 and just north of Thomas Road near the Union/Anson County line. The children of Headley and Winny Thomas are:

A. Wylie Thomas b. Aug 1833, married ca. 1855 Jane Eudy, b. Feb 1836. She is the daughter of William and Sabra Harwood Eudy. Living in Union County, on 23 Aug 1862,"Wiley Thomas" enlisted in CSA Co E, 48th Reg. NC. He was 30 years old at enlistment. On 5 May 1864, Wiley Thomas was wounded in the thigh at Wilderness, VA. He was later captured at Hatcher's Run and confined at Point Lookout, MD until being released on 20 Jun 1865. In the 1870 Census, Wylie Thomas and family are listed as residents of Stanly County. The children of Wylie and Jane Eudy Thomas are (A) James Thomas b. 1855 d. 14 Jan 1941 bur. Silver Springs Cem in Norwood, married in Anson County 28 Nov 1882 Martha Howard b. 15 Jul 1857 d. 24 Apr 1920, daughter of James and Elizabeth Howard; (B) Wilson Thomas b. 1858; (C) Mary Thomas b. 1860; (D) Green Thomas b. 1862; (E) Sarah Thomas b. 1865, married 16 Aug 1886 Thomas Gaithings b. 1862, son of Thomas and Elizer; (F) Rebecca Thomas b. 1868; (G) Lucy Thomas b. 1870; (H) Winnie Thomas b. 18 Dec 1872 d. 18 Aug 1839 bur. Elmwood Cem. in Charlotte; (I) John T. Thomas b. 10 Nov 1873 d. 20 Dec 1947 bur Oak Grove Bapt. in Union County, married first 23 Dec 1892 Mary Sewell in Montgomery Co, married second 3 Aug 1895 Elizabeth "Kate" Alexander b. 12 Oct 1858 d. 8 June 8 1932, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Carr Alexander; (J) Lofton Thomas b. 1876; and (K) Jane A. [Rettie] Thomas b. May 1879.

B. Calvin C. Thomas b. 30 Mar 1835 d. 9 Jan 1927 bur. Edwards Cemetery in Union County. He married Sarah Edwards b. Sep 1834, the daughter of John, Jr., and Sarah Allen Edwards. Enlisting on 10 May 1862 in CSA Co. K, 26 Reg. NC, Calvin was wounded and captured at Gettysburg. He was confined at Fort Delaware, Point Lookout Maryland, and released at City Point, Virginia. Returning to duty, Calvin was later released at Lee's surrender on 9 Apr 1865 at Appomattox Court House VA. The Calvin Thomas family lived in a house just to the north of Richardson's Creek and on the east side of Hwy 742 near the intersection of Thomas Road. Calvin wrote his last will and testament in Dec 1910. Mr. Roy Thomas told me of his grandfather Calvin's burial. As a young child, Roy followed with his family as a a wagon slowly carried the body of Calvin up the two mile winding road to the Edwards Cemetery.

The children of Calvin and Sarah Edwards Thomas are (A) Martha E. Thomas b. 28 Dec 1857 d. 26 Jan 1940 but Rocky Mount Bapt, married 7 Jun 1876 James Walter Turner b. 6 Mar 1853 d. 14 Sep 1923; (B) Alfred B. Thomas b. 1860; (C) John Wilson Thomas b. 11 Jun 1866 d. 8 Oct 1950 bur Rocky Mount Bapt, married in Anson County 18 Aug 1886 Sarah Ellen Austin b. 18 Jul 1869 d. 20 Dec 1898, dau of James and Caroline; (D) Sophronia A. Thomas b. 30 Sep 1868 d. 17 Dec 1918 bur. Jerusalem, married (first wife) William H. Curlee b. 15 Mar 1867 d. 2 Jan 1940; (E) Mary F. Thomas b. 20 Nov 1870 d. 26 Jan 1940; (F) Joanna (Jossie) Thomas b. 1873 d 1956 bur Pleasant Hill Bapt, married 13 Mar 1890 James Ashley Chaney b. 1866 d. 1937; and (G) Robert Henry Thomas b. 13 Jan 1876 d. 10 Oct 1943 bur Rocky Mount Bapt, married in Anson County 14 Dec 1898 Salley Goodman b. 23 Oct 1876 d. 4 Oct 1853, dau of James and Nealie.

C. Elizabeth Thomas b.13 Jan 1837 d. 9 Mar 1911 bur Riley Austin Family Cem.,married on 7 Jan 1855 Riley H. Austin b. 12 Apr 1832 d. 15 Aug 1903. The Children of Elizabeth and Riley H. Austin are (A) John W. Austin b. 17 Sep 1856 d. 4 Feb 1931 bur R.H. Austin Cem, married 23 Dec 1880 Evy A. Whitley b. 17 Sep 1861 d. 25 May 1900, the daughter of Hardy and Basheba; (B) Mary L. Austin b. 1860, married 31 Jan 1886 William D. Kennedy, son of J. C. and Elizabeth; (C) Elizabeth Austin b. 1862, married 3 Jun 1883 James Fesperman, son of John and Marry Anne; (D) Martha Jane Austin b. 1864 d. 30 Oct 1928 bur Mineral Springs Bap, married 21 Mar 1886 Even A. Boon b. 24 Sep 1858 d. 13 May 1930, son of P. W. and Mary; (E) Nicy Austin b. 1866; (F) Rebecca L. Austin b. 15 Apr 1871 d. 17 Jun 1934 bur Mineral Springs Bap, married 5 Apr 1889 James H. Brooks b. 17 Jul 1868 d. 5 Oct 1951, son of John and Margaret; (G) Sarah F. Austin b. 5 Jun 1874 d. 14 Mar 1923 bur Mineral Springs Bap, married 23 Sep 1887 M. William Brooks b. 12 Mar 1868 d. 3 Feb 1937, son of King D. and Martha E.; (H) James F. Austin b. 25 Jul 1874 d. 27 Jul 1965 bur Mineral Springs Bap, married 29 Dec1895 Maggie M. Smith b. 6 Sep 1878 d. 2 Mar 1952, daughter of Washington and Laura J.; and (I) Willie Robert Austin b. 1880, married 30 Jan 1898 Ann Hathcock, daughter of Noah and Eva.

D. Green T. Thomas b. 1839. Green enlisted on 1 Jul 1861 in CSA Co. K, 26 Reg. NC. While in service, he died prior to 1 Jan 1864. Place, date and cause not recorded. On 16 Dec 1864, Green's mother filed a claim for his belongings in a settlement involving the Office of the Confederate States Auditor.

E. Nancy Adaline Thomas b.1841, married on 17 Apr 1889 to George W. Russ b. 12 Oct 1853 d. 29 Jul 1916 bur Elmwood Cem in Charlotte. He is the son of Thomas and Viney Russ. Nancy was George Russ's second wife. He married first Nancy Ellen Thomas, the daughter of Jacob and Hester Thomas.

F. James Wilson Thomas b. 9 May 1843 d. 22 Jun 1918 bur Rocky Mount Bapt, married Martha Edwards Williams b. 23 Dec 1826 d. 3 Jun 1910. James enlisted in CSA Co. K, 26th Reg NC on the same day as his brother Calvin. James W. received a shell wound in the side at Gettysburg on or about 3 Jul 1863. Later captured at Falling Waters, MD, James was paroled at Point Lookout MD. Returning to duty, he was released at Appomatox Court House VA on 9 Apr, 1865. The children of James and Martha are (A) William C. Thomas b. 6 Jul 1861 d. 26 Jul 1939 bur. Rocky Mount Cem., married first in Stanly County 10 Nov 1878 Manerva Isabell Mauldin b. 22 Apr 1858 d. 17 May 1890 and second in Anson County 5 Mar 1891 Louisa Jeanette Curlee b. 1 Feb 1873 d. 13 Aug 1955 bur Rocky Mount Bapt, dau of Davidson and Adline. The 1910 Anson County Census lists Wilson and wife Martha living in the household of their son William C. Thomas.

G. Sarah A. Thomas b. 1845.

H. Daniel Thomas b. 22 Sep 1847 d. 18 Apr 1903 bur. at Meadow Creek Cem located at the entrance of Wingate College, married 24 Nov 1866 Mrs. Nancy Stewart Godwin b. 8 Apr 1831 d. 15 May 1905. Their children are: (A) Kizzie Louise Thomas b. 30 Sep 1867 d. 17 Apr 1939, married on 22 Apr 1891 to Thomas Lee Hinson b. 1869, son of Jeramiah and Jemima Hinson; (B) William C. Thomas b. Aug 1869, married Frances; (C) Jackson Harley Thomas b. Oct 17 1871 d. 20 Apr 1935 bur. Midway Bapt., married on 25 Sep 1895 to Dorus Hinson b. 10 Jul 1872 d. 4 Jun 1949; and (D) Nancy Precilla Thomas b. Jun 1874.

I. John Quincy Adams Thomas b. 8 Jun 1851 d. 30 Dec 1928 bur. Pleasant Grove Prim Bapt, married on 5 Jan 1871 Nancy Baucom b. 4 May 1858 d. 25 Dec 1912. She is the daughter of Green and Emeline Baucom. From the 1910 Union County Census, Nancy had given birth to 16 children of which all lived. Their children are: (A) Emma A. Thomas b. 1874, married on 29 Aug 1894 to David W. Austin, son of John M. and Sarah A. Moore Austin; (B) Safronie C. Thomas b. 1875 d. 1920 bur Pleasant Grove Prim Bapt, married on 20 Aug 1893 to William DeBerry Austin b. 16 May 1871 d. 24 Dec 1936, son of John Morris and Sarah A. Moore Austin; (C) Green R. Thomas b. 30 Dec 1876 d. 31 Jan 1961, married Genette Helms b. 11 Sep 1879 d. 13 Dec 1938; (D) John Ellis Thomas b. 12 Jan 1879 d. 28 Mar 1947 bur Love's Chapel in Stanly Co., married 19 Jan 1902 Dupree Hartsell b. 1880, dau of Joe E. and Sophronia; (E) Julia Thomas b. Oct 1880; (F) Jonah C. Thomas b. Oct 1880, married 26 Oct 1902 Eugenia B. Hinson b. 1879, dau of Wesley and Nancy; (G) Henry Fulton Thomas b. Jun 1882 d. 22 Jun 1932 bur. Hill Cem., married Martha Hill; (H) Nancy Lyla Thomas b. Mar 1885; (I) Naney Emeline Thomas b. Mar 1886; (J) William M. Thomas b. 24 Dec 1887 d. 19 Nov 1961 bur Monroe Cem, married 22 May 1920 Ella Belk b. 31 Dec 1899 d. 16 Jun 1986, the dau of D. L Belk; (K) Emanuel Lee Thomas b. 12 Apr 1889 d. 17 Jun 1956 bur Oakboro Cem, married Dora L. Harrington b. 28 Sep 1885 d. 19 Nov 1955; (L) Joseph B. Thomas b. Nov 1890; (M) Ada A. Thomas b.22 Nov 1892 d. 17 Oct 1953 bur Pleasant Grove Prim Bapt, married Will M. Newsome b. 20 Jun 1888 d. 19 Nov 1952; (N) Fred Pernay Thomas b. 12 Jul 1895 bur Pleasan Grove Prim Bapt, married 1 Aug 1914 Sarah E. Polk b. 6 Oct 1896 d. 27 Sep 1958, dau of John and Jane; (O) Dora V. Thomas b. Mar 1896; (P) Ellen Thomas b. Jun 1897 and (Q) Tomie Thomas b. 1897, married 2 Sep 1918 Rady Helms b. 1899, dau of M. A. and Rachel.

J. Elmira Thomas b. 1852, married in Anson County 28 Mar 1882 James S. Threadgill b. 1840. James is the son of Lucy and Thomas Polk Threadgill. James married first 7 Jan 1877 T. S. Lee.

K. Mary Catherine Thomas b. 1853 d. 4 Mar 1922 bur. Jerusalem, married in Stanly County 30 Jul 1887 A. Marion Burgess b. 1866, son of Brint and Sarah Ann. Their children are (A) Stanley Washington Burgess b. 1893 d. 13 Aug 1951; (B) Jovan B. Burgess b. 1895, married 2 Dec 1918 Pauline Thomas b.2 Dec 1918, the dau of Joseph and Ava; and (C) Glennie Burgess b. 1896

L. Winney E. Thomas b. 1855.


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