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Handcrafted Rock Jewelry Pendants
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The picture above is
Home Sweet Home

This is a daily view for me & I just love it!
The Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.
There is just something about the smell of the "piney outdoors" first thing
in the morning. The beauty of the stately Evergreens reaching for the awesome
blue sky, the small Birch, nestled amongst them & the sounds and sights of
the wildlife, makes this a heaven on earth! Not to mention the abundant ROCKS
for a ROCKHOUND! Yes, that is my vise! I love rocks. Their beauty is a breath
of fresh air that you will see in my Rock Pages to follow. The Fairburn Agate,
which is The South Dakota Gemstone, makes up the vast majority of my collection.
At one time they were just laying on the ground, awaiting to be picked up and
wanting just a little affection!- BUT BEWARE - The following pages may cause you
to change your lifestyle, at least the hobby part of your lifestyle!
If you find yourself at any time, foaming at the mouth, making odd noises,
grunts or exclamations while viewing these pages, and you are not presently a
"Rock Hunter", then maybe you should give some serious thought about becoming
one! We all have the ability to pick up an ordinary rock and with just a little
elbow-grease on our part, turn it into an object of lasting beauty! Thats what I
have been doing for the last 30 years of my life here in the Beautiful Black
Hills of South Dakota, and I do not regret one second of it! There is a"World
of Beauty" out there, just lying on the ground, waiting for someone to discover
it! The proof of that follows in my pages. With that said, sit back, kick off
your shoes, and have a good time. Oh yes, don't forget to come back, things are
always changing here. Enjoy.

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