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Museum Quality Fairburn Agate # FBPD44

This fabulous "One Of A Kind" Fairburn Agate weighs in at a whopping 3+ pounds! Yes, you read right, 3+ pounds. The top picture shows the entire specimen. The ruler pertains to the top picture only. This picture was taken with the specimen wet so as to show you the glorious color and the multiple fortification patterns, which surrounds the specimen. The two inset photos(bottom)are a close-up of some of the patterns. The right photo inset, shows the rear of the specimen and is but an extension of the front pattern. The center section shows you that the pattern is consistent throughout the entire specimen. It is hard to see, but if you wish, you can do some grinding work on it and the pattern will reveal itself, thus making it even more valuable. Also note the many other fortifications all over the rear side. This is one spectacular "Museum Quality Fairburn". As I do have more of this calibur of specimens, I have decided to offer this one to someone else so they can be the owner of such a spectacular Fairburn. It can be yours for $2500.00, which is a great buy that anyone in the business will attest to. This specimen was found in Western South Dakota by myself. Please refer to Item #FBPD 44 when ordering. If you need more pictures/information, contact me at E Mail address below. Thank you.