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Buried Treasure Locations

I am an avid Metal Detectorist.
I get a “RUSH” each time I find Buried Treasure and I want you to get that same “RUSH”.
I have created this page and have spent HOURS cataloging Treasure Sites to explore in the
hopes of finding more treasure. I want you to have that same opportunity. Treasure is out there.

I am offering the locations to many hidden cache's and treasure sites. Send me the particular
State or Area you are wondering about and I will check to see if I have any information on it.

If I do have it, I can send you the full article by Snail Mail, so you have a paper copy. The

Naturally I cannot spend the time, nor the paper or ink without getting a stipend for my info.
The charge will simply cover my time and or the materials I use to get you the information.

The cost will be $2.00 per article or 3 articles for $5.00. I will pay for the return postage back
to you. Any articles over 3 total, will cost $1.50 each. You can see that I am not getting rich by
doing this. I want you to enjoy the “Thrill” of finding a lost cache or hidden treasure as I have.

It wasn't too many years ago myself and a fellow detectorist, located a sizable hidden cache
right here in S. Dakota. It it wasn't for reading Treasure Magazines, it may still be unfound.