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Here is a Petrified Coral Sphere Specimen.

While Rock Hunting in one of the highest areas of the Black Hills,

I came across an old quarry.

In the quarry was just "tons" of Petrified Coral mixed in with Limestone.

I brought several pounds home and have been happily making spheres and marbles out of it.

It works up very quickly and takes a high polish.

Even though the area was near the top altitude of the Black Hills

that told me that at one time or another, that area had to be completely underwater.

That facinated me!

South Dakota Alabaster

This SD Alabaster is everywhere here

In the area where I live, simply digging in my garden

I can find Alabaster.

The North and West side of Rapid City, is Alabaster Country.

It works up very easy, and takes a high polish simply by using water.

No polish is needed!

Here is a sphere made out of South Dakota Rose Quartz.

It is getting harder and harder to find Rose Quartz

unless you go out and mine it yourself.