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Some Prized Antiques

Everyone needs a vice, or two, or three, maybe more! Rocks and minerals are my second love. The first is my Creator, my wife, my family and my friends, in that order. I have many other loves out in that big endless world. One of them is dabbling in old antique weapons, well constructed pieces of beauty and the like. On this page I will show you a few of those other loves!

The picture above is a Cane Sword. It dates back to the early 1800's. The sheath as is the handle was constructed out of bamboo. It measures 35" in length. It was a family heirloom of the Rhoades family. The bottom of the cane has a 4 1/4" metal tip, highly decorated. Its purpose was to keep the bamboo damage to a minimum, when used as a cane. The top of the cane was fashioned out of ivory. The ivory has a gold button imbedded with a fancy letter "R" carved into it, using the Corsiva language style. representing the Rhoades family.

Here is a picture of the blade removed from the sheath. The blade alone measures 14" x 1/2" x 3/8". Plenty long enough to inflict bodily harm unto the enemy. According to the Rhoade family write ups, this sword was used many times to do just that! If only it could talk!

Here is a picture of the metal tip at the bottom of the cane. Note the fancy engraving on it. The center picture is of the ivory handle. The last picture shows the real gold button embedded into the handle, with a fancy "R" Corsiva style, scrolled into the button.