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original fic

Defining Moment

Everyone has just one moment in their lives where something significant happens.
These are what are sometimes called 'defining moments'. A pause where your life is halted for a split second as your realise that what you have just seen or heard will affect you for the rest of your life.

This is my one defining moment. One that *has* affected me. This is just one little peek into my private life.

Hereditary Deafness
This is my last assignment for writing class and I have to choose a journey to write about. It can be physical, mental and emotional. I've decided to tackle both mental and emotional.

This is yet another little look into my private life and this time, it's something extremely personal.


Derell, a cinderwenches tale.

Yet another assignment, this time for my year 11 English class. I had to choose a fairytale and re-write it.

And of course, being a slasher at heart... I just had to see what I could do to pervert this childhood classic.


The Firefly Key

A little Fae has lost his place in the world and ended up in the mysterious Palace, home to many Keys. How did such a young lad become to known as 'The Firefly Key' and just what does being a 'Key' mean?

This story includes abuse, violence and angst.

Firefly Key Description


Legend of the Betrayal
There's something wrong with Wesley and unfortunately, Spike is the one who finds out just how wrong things are gonna get.

This is a total AU storyline and feautures harsh themes such as rape, abuse and character deaths.

One Little Thing
Xander/Spike (eventually), humour, m/m sex, fairly tame.
Challenged by Loki to do a 'light and humourous' piece.

Mistress and her bitches
The Willow we would all like to see.
Xander/Angel/Willow/Spike, m/m sex, m/f sex, fairly tame, humour

This story is a WIP broken into individually named chapters.

Merely a Posession
Darkfic and the topics include...rape, prostitution, mental/physical/sexual torture, kidnapping, drug use, allusions to child sex, angst, character deaths, slavery, suicide, mutilation and dismemberment of bodies (living and dead).
Xander/Spike, Angel/Xander, Xander/Others, Angel/Wesley

This story is a WIP broken into chapters.

The Long Spiral Downwards
Xander/Spike, Spike/Riley, Spike/Graham, Spike/OMC's, mentions of Xander/Anya
With the chip in his head preventing him from defending himself against humans and his reputation in tatters due to his alliance with Buffy and Co., Spike mistakenly thinks his life can get no worse... just how far can William the Bloody fall?

This story is a WIP broken into chapters.


Undivided Attention
Spike does someone a favour

Warning: Character death

Character death, m/m sex and angst.

Spike/Xander and the mention of Xander/Anya
Rape, angst, suicide, m/m sex and character death. For every action, there is a reaction.

Angel's thoughts become paranoia. Sometimes, you create your own fear.

All Good Things...
No matter how long you wait or hard life has treated you, *everything* that you deserve will come to you sooner or later...
Character death.


A Circle of Flowers
Xander/Spike. Character death. Someone mourns, unkowingly enveloping others into their grief.

His chill warms me
Spike/Xander. Early hours of the morning, Xander has happy thoughts.

Love him, I do
Wesley/Spike. Someone is dying alone, unable to stop themselves from reaching into the past for a little comfort. Character deaths.


Never did I ever think that I would be privliged enough to recieve an award but apparantly, I am. So much to my delight and utter suprise, I've had to quickly make up an official awards page.

Take a peek if you like.

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