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Love him, I do.

Pairing: Wesley/Spike

Warning: Character death's

Rating: Short and sad, no real sex

Challenge must include:

Lavender towels
A rendition to "you sexy thing" by either hot chocolate or t-shirt.
The quote, "You complete and utter smeghead"
A sex scene with a banana and spilled Frangelico liquor
Nurses uniform with red high heels
The pairing of spike and wesley

Can be a darkfic, sadfic or have a happy ending.

A long finger slowly stroked the picture in the frame. Two men standing side by side, one dressed in a dressing gown looking highly embarrassed, the other, a smaller bleached blond holding two fingers up behind the taller man's head while dressed as a Playboy Bunny complete with the ears which had been twisted into an obscene gesture and matching sneer. They had gotten the dare by default, not really their choice at all.

Sigh and the picture was put down on the tattered remains of old lavender towels. They had gone out together in an apology to Cordelia for ruining her party after the two of them had done a drunken rendition of "You Sexy Thing" to the tune of the new band 'T-Shirt' along with a dance on the coffee table that had collapsed under the weight of them both much to everybody's laughter.

The next day had seen them with agonising hangovers, standing in the queue to buy the lavender towels that Cordelia had insisted that they buy.

"Always were a complete and utter smeghead" stated the tired English accented voice, quoting the other's favourite expression from Red Dwarf, a show that they had come to like watching together. At first it had been a small thing that they had in common between them, something that Angel had made them do, if only to have a half hour's peace from the constant bickering.

Coughing filled the quiet white room. Looking around at the bare lifeless walls, the lone occupant wiped at the tears that began to flow when he remembered the time he came home and to his surprise found and find his lover in a candy striper uniform and red heels standing in the kitchen holding a banana and a bottle of Frangelico, leering at him and making wicked suggestions with the piece of fruit. He had been momentarily stunned at first, fruit never having been used in the sex that had developed between them, the uniform not so unusual.

Cock growing under the hot glances of the other, he had grabbed at the bottle meaning to put it down on the bench so that he could wrap his arms around his lover who was busy suggestively licking his own lips. Not really making the bench, the open liquor bottle had spilled over them both staining the uniform and his shirt. Both frozen for one moment, the action had exploded into a frenzied passion when both of the panting males had licked at the spilled amber liquid that had soaked through and onto their skin. He had ended up being taken from behind that night for the first time, something that was to be repeated many a time during the 13 years that they ended up being together. The banana had been squished and ground into the small of his back, pretty gross until his lover had licked and eaten what was left right off his quivering skin.

Wheezing filled the room as the skinny malnourished male choked on the sobs as he remembered what had become the most important relationship in his whole existence. After the other man had been accidentally killed one day just having a joke with a demon that had turned nasty without warning, he didn't think that he would survive the following days of darkness. Cordelia, Angel and even Gunn and his wife Kate had offered their constant support and various shoulders to cry upon.

He had shut them all out, one by one. Moved away so that they couldn't find him. Didn't want their pity, didn't want them to see him so weak.

Didn't matter anymore now, he was dying. The sodding chip had finally done him in. Not only took away his right to feed, it was taking away his right to exist. Stupid thing had turned him human and had continued to burn away at his brain until age had caught up with him. Time can truly never be denied and here he was, sitting in a hospital bed looking like a well preserved 100 year old.

Wasn't so upset anymore. Now it was just a matter of how many hours it was until he saw his hearts desire again. He was sure that he was going to go upstairs, he had made sure that Wesley hadn't died in vain. Continued to fight the good fight for both himself and the Watcher. Arthritic fingers clutched painfully at the lavender rags. It had taken another 32 years to get like this and he still hadn't spoken one word to his Sire and former work mates since the day he removed himself from their lives.

Didn't matter anymore.


Just want to drift away,

Follow the odd light shooting towards him.

Wes, is that you?

Love you Wes.

the end.