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The Firefly Key Description

Name: He was stripped of his Fae name when he was sent into exile. Presumably he remembers it, but he refuses to divulge it. The Palace staff and his Masters simply call him "Firefly", after his Key. Occasionally, a Masters or members of the Palace staff will call him "Glowbug", with obvious derision.

Age: He is probably the human equivalent of about seventeen.

Background: Firefly is one of the Fae, a race of winged beings that live deep in the forest, separate from all other races. Young and impulsive, Firefly committed a sin unforgivable for the Fae: he fell in love with a human.

The traditional punishment for this crime is amputation of the wings and exile. So his wings were forcibly removed and he was sent out into the big, wide world. Barely healed, dazed and unfamiliar with the ways of other races, he was easily captured. Deemed something of a prize for his elfin beauty, he was sold to the Palace for a rather large sum.

Physical description: Firefly is slender and delicate, as is typical of his race, standing only 5'5" tall. He is remarkably light, having a body that is designed for flight. His face is pixie-like, with a snubbed nose and a sweet mouth, and his hair is short, red and spiky.

His eyes are a bright, luminous green, and during the day, they sparkle with mischievousness. During the night, however, they reflect like cat's eyes, almost sinisterly. He has perfect night-vision, as well as excellent day-time vision.

His skin is unmarred, save for two long, angry red scars that run in parallel down his shoulderblades: the only evidence he once bore wings.

He wears light clothing, not seeming to care about the cold. Most often, he can be found in a sleeveless shirt, tight-fitting leggings, and boots. He prefers natural colours, making it easier to hide, but sometimes he will wear other, more alluring clothes, if pressed. He is reluctant to go without a shirt, since he feels quite vulnerable about the scars on his back, though he would never admit it.

Personality: Firefly was once young and idealistic, but no longer. He has been subjected to the harshest of realities, and his psyche bears the scars, as well as his body. He holds himself aloof, refusing to connect with anybody emotionally, though he will engage in play or friendliness, when it suits his own needs.

While outwardly he usually manages to conform to what is required of him (for fear of punishment), inside he is sullen and resentful. He enjoys pulling pranks, some of which, depending on the attitude of his Master, border on malicious. He has a deep-seated grudge against humans, blaming them for his downfall.

Masters are usually warned to be careful with him, but many are lured into a false sense of security after they see his sweet and innocent-seeming face for the first time, not believing him capable of such deviousness. They quickly learn the error of their ways.

Experience: Before he came to the Palace, he had very little, only tentative experimentation with his human lover. Since then, he has had a thorough education in matters of the sexual arts. He is very competent in pleasing his Masters, when he chooses to do so. He is deft with his hands, mouth, and makes an excellent submissive - even if he sometimes has to be subdued with force.

Magical Abilities: The strange thing about Firefly is that when it is dark, he is frequently seen in the company of tiny, floating lights. These little glowy things will sometimes follow him around, and sometimes just float randomly about his enclosure. The Palace staff are unsure whether these lights are the last traces of magic he is able to summon so far from the Fae lands, or whether they are actually tiny creatures that are under his control, or perhaps keeping him company.

He, of course, isn't telling either way.

These lights are the reason he was given his Key name.

Environment: When he was first brought in, Firefly was given quite a luxurious room, furnished with velvet and silk. He nearly pined away before they realised he needed to be surrounded by living things as much as he needed food or air.

He now resides in a huge, glass-roofed dome, filled with his own small area of wilderness. While it is hardly the ancient forest he grew up in, it is at least better than nothing. There are very large trees which create something of a canopy, plus undergrowth he can easily get lost in. A sprinkler system provides the pretence of rain.

He also has a small set of rooms, which attach to the main building of the Palace. These rooms are furnished with wooden furniture, and are more for his Master's benefit than his own.

The bedroom has a large double bed with natural-cotton sheets and soft woolen blankets. There is a bathroom attached with a large bath, though Firefly prefers to bathe in a small rock-pool in his wilderness dome. There is also a sitting room with comfortable chairs and various amenities that his Masters might desire.

Quirks: Never one to give in without a fight, Firefly likes to make it difficult for his Masters to even find him. When new Masters arrive, he will frequently refuse to come when called, requesting that his Master come and find him. He especially enjoys this game if it is played at night under the starlight. His small, glowing 'friends' seem to assist him by flitting about, distracting and misleading any who try to search for him.

If a Master humours him and actually catches him on their own merits, Firefly is more likely to be well-disposed towards him. If a Master forces him to return by threatening him, he will do everything he can to torment him in surreptitious ways, trying to avoid punishment from the Palace staff if possible.

Hobbies: Firefly is frequently bored, and spends a lot of time dozing in the sun. He prefers to be active at night, under the stars. He knows every square inch of his wilderness off by heart, but he likes to move about it, climbing trees and examining plants for any signs of growth or ill-health.

To keep himself amused, he sometimes creates small carvings out of wood - many are obviously animals, but some are too obscure for his Masters to make head or tail of. He also creates what seem to be pieces for games, some of which are small tiles inscribed with runes. He sometimes appears to be playing a game with himself, but it is, of course, difficult to tell. He might just be trying to confuse his human captors. He is, if nothing else, devious.

He has tried to escape a few times, but has so far been unsuccessful. Although he could easily just give up and let himself die, the smouldering embers of anger within him keep him going. He sometimes dreams of the revenge he will have, upon his own people, and humans, both.