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The consequences of ones actions

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Content: Adults only


Archiving: Not a problem as long as you ask first.

Disclaimer: All characters are owned by King Joss and not me. I don't get any sort of money, so there!

Warnings: Character death, Rape, harsh language, m/m sex.

     "Are you finished yet?"

     "Yeah, I'm finished, can't you feel it?"

     "Then get the fuck out of me."

     Pulling his spent cock out of the cool channel, Xander was shocked to see blood coating his penis and the pale thighs of the vampire. A few paces back and he could see the vampire shaking as he reached down to pull his jeans up from around his knees. His heart pounding, the brunette was sure that he had just done something really wrong but his alcohol addled mind couldn't for the life of him figure out what it was.


     "What, you still fucking here? You want another round is that it?"

     "What the hell is your problem?"

     Head shaken, the bleached blond reached up to wipe away the tears that were running down his face. Careful not to show the display to the youth standing behind him, he sniffed the air for a sign of emerging arousal. Not finding anything but the overwhelming scent of confusion, he slowly zippered up his jeans and buckled up his belt.

     "I fucking well said NO! And you deliberately raped me."

     "No, but...isn't that vampire foreplay? I mean, don't all vampires just fuck each other silly? The more blood and pain, the better?"

     A step forward, Xander almost tripped on the jeans pooled around his ankles. In a few quick motions he pulled them up and fastened them once again around his waist. With one hand, he reached out to the black clad shoulder, touching the soft material gently with an unsteady hand.

     "No...I said no to you more than once Whelp, why didn't you stop?"

     "You didn't even try to stop me. If you hadn't wanted me to fuck you, you should have put up a fight but you didn't. You just let me push you over the couch."

     Turning to face the still drunk youth, Spike sneered bitterly at the lost look pasted over the brunettes face. With another sniff, the vampire recognised at least three different beer aromas mixed in with Jack Daniels.

     "You arsehole, I can't fight HUMANS. You fucking well know that. Christ, that's the whole bloody reason you came here isn't it? You finally decided to try the other team and picked the one male you know that wouldn't be able to fight you off."

     "You got hard as well, don't try to fucking well deny that. You wanted it just as much as I did. I saw you cum on the couch just before I did, so don't make out that you didn't want it"

     Wincing as he sat down on the couch arm, the vampire wiped again at the tears that continued to pour from his blue eyes. Never in his whole existence had he ever been in such a situation, never as a human and certainly never once he had been turned. He just couldnít believe it was happening to him, his whole unlife had finally reached rock bottom.

     "It's called friction, you sodding imbecile. That and the fact that your cock kept hitting my bloody prostate. I said no."

     "What the hell is a prostate and why are you crying? I didn't go hard at all."

     "Gee Pet, were you just as considerate when you plucked the demon bint's cherry or did you save that nice little leg opener all for me, you sodding well *hurt* me."

     Burping, Xander rolled his eyes at the relief he felt from his protesting stomach. With a snappy tone, he told the vampire to keep Anya out of the conversation. He was still puzzled at why the vampire was so upset, it might be the blood but he wasn't too sure. Spike was a demon and all demons got off on blood, didn't they?

     "I'm sorry if I made you bleed. Anyway, it's not like you haven't had it up the arse before."

     "I haven't."

     "Bullshit, I've read all those books at the G-mans place. They all say that vampires and demons just fuck each other stupid regardless of gender."

     Fangs dropped now that the vampire was in gameface, Spike told the boy in a barely whispered voice of the numerous myths that abounded that dealt with his species. Garlic could actually be eaten by all vampires but those who were allergic to the herb before being turned. They didn't have to sleep with soil from their homeland next to them and vampires could also be photographed, very few ever having one taken as they looked too white no matter how dark the colour was adjusted to on the camera. He went on to explain to the youth that the story of all vampires being bi-sexual was also just a myth and one of the most inaccurate of them all. Just because a few vamps were, it didn't mean that all had no gender preference.

     "I'm a virgin when it comes to men. At least I was before you broke me in. Remind me to thank you properly when the chip comes out."

     "No way, no fucking way. You went all through Europe with Angelus and everybody knows he goes both ways. There is no way he would have left you alone, he was your Sire and that means you have to do whatever he tells you to."

     A bitter laugh echoed through the dank crypt as the bleached blonde told the alcohol sozzled youth the truth behind one of the greatest myths of his existence.

     "Drusilla is my Sire and she forbade any other vampire from getting their hands on me. Angelus is Drusilla's Sire, not mine and by all vampire lore and traditions, it's only the one who turned you that gets to fuck you unless they give another vampire permission. Angelus might have fucked anything with two legs regardless of gender but he was a firm believer in obeying the traditions."

     "You're a virgin?"

     "Yeah, I *was*. Congratulations Mate, you just managed to pop William the Bloody's cherry. Hope you're fucking proud of yourself. Go on, go and run to the rest of the Scooby gang. I'm sure that the're going to be really happy for you, I mean after all, youíre just a great big stud now."

     Legs collapsing from under him as the full ramifications caught up with him, Xander felt himself sink down onto the dusty crypt floor. Staring up at the yellow-eyed male still sitting on the couch, the brunette wondered just how he was going to make it up to the vampire. Whimpering numerous apologies, he clutched at the vampire's black jeans as the blond went to pass him.

     "I think you've touched me enough tonight, get your filthy fucking hands off me. You know, I have never once wondered what it would be like to take a dick up me but thanks to you, I now know what I've been missing out on for so many years."

     "Spike..I'm so sorry..I.I just thought...."

     "Thought what? Thought that I would be happy to break you into batting for both teams, hmmmm? Is that what you thought?"

     The youth on the floor cringed from the venom aimed at him, suddenly sober for the first time that evening. He had been drinking with Larry and his new boyfriend down at the local bar, just catching up on what the former high school football captain was doing with himself. The more alcohol he had consumed, the better the light pawing and occasional kissing between the two men had looked. He wasn't too sure when the decision to visit Spike had been made but it had been either a choice of Riley, Giles or the vampire. Riley was straight as the military demanded and Giles was just too much like his father to be considered. That had left only Spike and after recalling what he had read in the large books housed at the former watchers place, he had come to the conclusion that the vampire would be all for it. In his addled mind, he had honestly thought that the vampire's often said no, had really been a yes. After all, no vampire would turn away a willing partner.

     "No..yes..I mean, I thought that you were bi-sexual and would like it. I'm sorry but it never crossed my mind that you were heterosexual. I really am sorry."

     "Not much fucking well crosses your mind does it Harris?"

     With a huge effort, the brunette managed not to flinch away too much as the blond crouched on the ground next to him. Blue eyes staring at him, Xander wondered just what would happen next as he shook his head to the vampires snarled question. Spike reached out one hand and gently turned the weeping boy's face towards his own. The older males tears had dried up, making him feel light-headed. Slowly he spoke to the youth in an effort to make sure that his words penetrated the layers of alcohol. He had seen the boys face go white as he had sunk to the floor and was pretty sure that the Whelp was feeling close to sober but he really wanted to make sure that his words were understood.

     "You're a very silly boy. You have violated the body of a Childe in line for the leadership of the Order of Aurealius. I could tell Angel and I could certainly tell my Sire, Drusilla. Angel probably won't care but you know Dru, she would show no mercy to you if she got her hands on you. One time when a human pissed her off, she turned him so that she could spend more time torturing him."

     "Do you understand?"

     Breath gulped as his stomach roiled, Xander started to cry harder at the vampires softly spoken words. He wasn't sure what was the worst, what he had inflicted on Spike or the threat of what the blondís Sire would do to him when she found out. With a shaky nod, he tried to apologise again only to have his words stilled by a cool finger across his lips.

     "Ssshhhh. It's alright pet, I won't tell either of them. It'll be just between you and me, alright?"

     Once again nodding, the brunette felt himself become overwhelmed by having his death sentence overturned. Collapsing onto his side, he was arranged comfortably by the vampire. Not quite understanding why the blond was being so nice to him after all that Xander had done to him, he stared as Spike stood again.

     "Remember luv, just between you and me. Don't go around telling anyone will you?"

     Head shaken, Xander whispered that he would keep his word to the vampire. His heartbeat started to slow as Spike smiled down at him. After a few minutes of smiling at each other, the blond watched the emerging sunrise pour through the open doorway. With a finger raised to his lips, the blonde crumbled into dust as the deadly shafts reached him.

     Laying his head back down as the last of the swirling dust settled beside him, Xander closed his eyes in an effort to wake from the nightmare he had found himself in. It had to be a nightmare, vampires burst into flames when the sun hit them didn't they? They didn't just crumble from the feet upwards? Giles' books said that they burst into flames.

     A sob broke through the silence of the light filled crypt as Xander realised just why Spike had had no intention of telling his Sire. The vampire had been right, it was their secret.

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