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Undivided Attention

Warning: Character death, violence, angst.

Dedication: As usual, to Saber Shadowkitten and Nancy. Also, this is dedicated to the new list 'ioffedxander'...a list that features Xander death fic. A list that is right up my alley, and I'm proud to be a member of. Thanks also to Leanne for her excellent beta read.

Note: Spike is chip free.

I'll be damned if he wasn't such an idiot brat.

Hang on a minute, what a sodding well stupid thing to say. I'm a vampire. Been on the way to damnation since I first opened my eyes as a newly born fledgling.

Anyway, this little story isn't about me, it's about that useless piece of shit, Xander.

Xannyboy, Whelp, Glorified Bricklayer, Loser, Moron, Nummy treat. No matter what you called the boy, it all boiled down to one thing. The boy was the village idiot of Sunnydale.

Quite a good looking boy if you think about it. Those big sorrowful eyes, window to his soul all right. They were, that's for bloody sure. Can't quite tell you how many times he caught me staring at him, hoping that he would tilt his head just a fraction more to one side so that I could see them. See the unshed tears that would constantly threaten to fall, all caused by some drama at home or at his job.

The best times would be when her fucking Highness, Barbarella or one of the others would just dismiss his daily rants about how much life had stuffed him up on that particular day and they would just turn their body away from him. Wasn't much in reality but it was deceptive. They would be standing there, pretending to listen to him, nodding away at him but the way they would be standing told the real story. That they had better things to worry about than what the Whelp was currently waffling about.

Took him a long time but the boy eventually clicked on to what they were doing. I got hard every time his eyes closed for longer than the normal blink of an eye as he realised that his friend wasn't turning away to reach for a ruler or a new book. That they were turning away from him. Both him and his life.

Damned if I didn't kick up a fuss so that old Pissypants would shove me back into the bathroom again. Leave me in peace to wank over a fantasy of the idiot brat crying himself stupid. Kinda like that idea. Loved it when Dru used to whinge and moan for hours during one of her bad spells. The noise used to drive the minions batty. Me... loved it each time. Just sat in a chair, cock in hand, and watched the show.

Angelus used to make her throw the best hissy fits, love the bastard for that.

Don't know why I like it so much. Just do, I guess. Everyone has a kink, suppose its one of mine.

The boy would never say anything though, would keep doing it every time he saw them. Went on for months. Not just his friends either. His bloody girlfriend would do the same thing to him. Poor brat. You could almost feel him screaming for someone, anyone really, to pay him attention. Just five minutes of undivided attention would have made it seem like all his Christmases had come at once.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that they were bad friends to him or anything like that. No, if it came to the crunch, each of them would have cheerfully given their lives for him. The brat would have done the same thing as well. Nah, the real problem was that the boy was lacking in the attention department. Was probably a right little attention seeker as a kid. You know the type. Always trying to get Mummy or Daddy to look at what he had drawn at school that day or trying to tell them about the new movie he had just seen at the local flicks. Explaining about the best bits of the film, who had done what to whom and how the baddies had gotten their comeuppance in the end.

Overheard the Whelp one night telling the ex-demon bint a bit about his parents. Told her that all he ever wanted was for them to spend just one hour with him. Talking, listening; them just being there for him for once. He wanted them to forget about their lives for a little while and to see what their son had grown into. Acknowledge his presence for an afternoon.

For fuck's sake, the pure bloody angst that had dripped off those words had me gagging and wanking at the same time. Weirdest orgasm I ever had as well, felt sick all through the wank but it had felt good...*real* good.

It wasn't until today, that I was finally able to give the boy what he had wanted for so long. Came as a bit of a surprise how I did it. Didn't think that it was going to be so quick.

Enjoyed it though.

Not sure if the Harris' did. Not every day that a complete stranger bashes your son to death in front of you in your living room.

Yeah, the brat got what he wanted. He most certainly had his parents' undivided attention. Bit hard to get up and make a coffee when you're tied to a chair. I think that his parents are a tad overwhelmed with it all, they're not saying much. Just sort of sitting there, gaping like a couple of fishes.

Bit disappointed that I couldn't give him the whole hour that he wanted so much. Brat didn't even try to thank me for going to all this trouble on his behalf. True village idiot he was.

Mostly, I'm bloody proud that the brat finally got what he had been wishing for, for so long.

Just my way of thanking him for all those months of wanking he inspired me to do. Fucking as thick as ten planks and a born loser, but he was good 'cock and fingers' material.

Well, gotta go.

I'm off to grant the witch her wish.

Red wants to learn to overcome her fear of confined spaces.

Reckon I can help her with that.

The end.