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Paul Newman

Radioman on torpedo bombers during WWII.

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James Arness 

US Army, Wounded at Anzio. Purple Heart and Bronze Star

Ernest Borgnine

He served in the U.S. Navy for twelve years before WWII.

U.S. Navy Gunners Mate 1935-1945

Tony Curtis 

Joined US Navy at age 17 in 1943.  In Tokyo Bay he watched the surrender ceremonies from the signal bridge of the USS Proteus

Art Carney 

US Army. Carney went to Normandy in July of 1944 as a replacement to the 28th Division in position around St Lô. He was part of a 30 calibre machine gun squad. On 15 August 1944 he had just taken up his position and was hit in the right leg by mortar shrapnel. After receiving field treatment, he was sent back to Britain and then the US. He once said of his military career, "Never fired a shot and maybe never wanted to. I really cost the government money."

Alan Hale
US Coast Guard during WWII. 

Howard Hughes

Built the HK-1, Hercules. Popularly known as the Spruce Goose, the government-funded, eight-story  plane which had not been completed in time to ferry soldiers over the ocean during World War II.

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 Brian Keith

USMC, Aerial gunner.

Served as a Marine rear gunner in several actions against the Japanese on Rabal in the Pacific.



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