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These are the true stories hidden within the recorded facts. A site filled with extraordinary truths by extraordinary people with words that history has not recorded. They hold the secrets and the blank holes that need to be filled in.  A visual scrapbook of memories on life "now and then."  Real stories by real  people, without the glitz and special effects of Hollywood.  We bring to you  personal "traces". Biography’s, stories and pictures of a time that America  must remember. The years of World War II. A "hint" of what has been hidden  behind the facts.    Come, listen to them speak:




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About this Site


379th Web Page


2 /Lt., Edward T. Mueller
Pilot  - Crew 118
  379th, 524th sq.

MIA as of
December 22, 1943

Along with his crew,
Crew 118
Crew2use.jpg (27841 bytes)

Eyewitness Account
of the Crews Fall into
the North Sea