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George C. Scott

In 1945 he joined the Marines and spent four years with them,  years later he would be portraying General Patton. When Scott left the Marines he then enlisted in journalism at the University of Missouri

Preston Tucker

Automobile Maker/Designer

Tucker's "Tucker Turret" gun turret was used during World War II.  Tucker's prototype "combat car" armored personnel carrier was rejected because it went too fast.








Guy Madison


Coast Guard

Tim McCoy

Western star Tim McCoy didn't enter films until the waning days of the silents. When sound films came in, McCoy became famous in a series of westerns produced by MGM. By the time that World War II broke out, McCoy was putting the wraps on his career. Having been in the Army years before, McCoy went back into the Army for the duration of the war. Well into his 50's at this point, McCoy mostly retired, doing just a few films and a short-lived television series. McCoy lived out the remainder of his life in comfort, passing away in 1978 at the age of 86

George Montgomery

Army Air Corps.


George O'Brien

With the onset of World War II, O'Brien (at the age of 41) decided to retire from acting and re-enlist in the Navy.  During World War Two he re-enlisted in the Navy and fought in the Pacific, receiving many decorations. After the War he appeared in a handful of films, all but one before 1951.


Glenn Morris


Enlisted in the Navy with the start of World War II. During the war, Morris suffered severe psychological trama, and was wounded in the Pacific Theater.  He spent a lot of time recovering in the San Francisco Navy Hospital. After years of poor health,


John Payne

He joined the Army Air Corps and became a flight instructor.

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