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Carl Reiner  

Entered army In 1942 and trained as a radio operator. He later studied French on assignment at Georgetown University to become an interpreter, but became a teletype operator in the Signal Corps where, on the way to Iwo Jima from Hawaii, was assigned to Maurice Evans' Special Entertainment Unit. For 18 months, he toured the South Pacific as a comedian in GI reviews.


Don Rickles 

US Navy.  Destroyer duty. He has said of one deployment, "It was so hot and humid, the crew rotted."

Andy Rooney 

 TV personality

 Sergeant, US Army. Early in war served with artillery regiment assigned to England. Joined Stars And Stripes in London. In 1943, Rooney is among first correspondents allowed aboard B-17 bombers attacking Germany.

Mickey Rooney 

US Army. PFC. Served 21 months with a unit that entertained the troops 

Charles Schultz

Cartoonist  (Peanuts)
 US Army. Staff sergeant and leader of machine gun squad.

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Rod Stieger 

Torpedoman, US Navy. Falsified his age to enlist at 16

Eli Wallich

(Magnificent Seven) was an admin clerk/Sgt in WWII. 

James Whitmore 

USMC. WWII interrupted his pre-law studies at Yale. He received his degree while at boot camp and served as an officer in the Marine Corps.


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