Let's Go Mets! APRIL 22 - HOME GAME #9 vs Atlanta Braves (8-5)

Dillon Gee (0-1) opposing Eric Stults (0-1) as New York goes for its 10th straight win. Gee is two starts away from tying Dwight Gooden's club record of 50 consecutive starts of at least five innings. But Gee has allowed at least four runs in each of his first two starts and is in danger of losing his rotation spot to Rafael Montero.


Lets Go Mets! Dillon Gee got the message and pitched 7 strong innings allowing 8 hits, 2 runs, one walk with 3 strikeouts. The Mets came from behind twice to win their 10th game in a row and 9 straight at Citi Field this season. Juan Lagares was again flashing his gold glove in center field with a great catch to stifle an Atlanta rally. Wilmer Flores hit his 3rd HR to tie the game in the 7th. Lucas Duda singled in the go ahead run in the 8th.

Ticket Cost: $68
Time of game: 2:34 with :31 rain delay
Attendance: 20,971

My Chrysler would look good painted like this!

My view tonight

It rained pretty heavily in the afternoon, I was not in quite the normal hurry to get to the ballpark that I had been all week. I waited around until nearly 6pm before leaving for the 7pm game. The rain had subsided and it was just a very chilly wind and cold evening. The ground crew had the tarp over the infield and the start of the games was delayed 31 minutes. I stayed inside at the Delta 360 lounge behind home plate and had a beer. Seems every time I sit to have a pre-game beer I always meet someone, have a nice conversation and then the story comes out and people are amazed.

Once the game started I took my wet seat behind the Braves dugout and their batboy. A few Braves fans scattered around but mostly empty seats and Mets fans. After every half inning 6 to 10 kids would rush the aisle towards the batboy to try and get a baseball, shoving their gloves into the air, hoping to be the lucky one with a ball. One little guy, maybe 4 or 5, followed his older brother to the front each time. As the group returned to their seats, this guy was having more fun walking up the steps back to his seat than anything else. He did the same routine for innings. Finally during the bottom of the 8th, I went to the souvenir stand and bought a Mets logo baseball. Since the little guy was not going to beat out the rest of the group for a ball, I watched him slowly climb up the steps to his seat past me again. I reached out and handed him the baseball. His face lit up and he said "Thanks!" A few seconds later I got a tap on the shoulder and when I turned around the boy said a "proper" thank you either from a promp from an adult or maybe a good upbringing. It was worth the price of the ball to make a part of his night and mine fun.

10 wins in a row!

Mets Fan of the Day
  • Name/Nickname: Paul
  • Mets Fan Since: 1962
  • Favorite Mets Player: Tom Seaver
  • Favorite Mets Moment: Game 6 1986 World Series Buckner error
  • Favorite Rock Band: James Taylor