Let's Go Mets! APRIL 17 - HOME GAME #5 vs Miami Marlins (3-7)

Bartolo Colon (2-0) goes against ex-Yankee David Phelps (0-0). Colon's last start saw him get a hit and his first RBI in a decade!


Lets Go Mets! The Mets won their 6th straight game on the arm and bat of Bartolo Colon. He pitched 7 innings, giving up 7 hits including a first inning homer to who else? Giancarlos Stanton. Stanton has homered in 5 straight games against the Mets. Colon also hit a sacrifice fly to bring in the tying run in the fifth. Danny Muno, just called up from Las Vegas, singled for his first major league hit and then stole second base. Michael Cuddyer and Lucas Duda continued their hot hitting with David Wright on the DL. Colon becomes the first starter in the Majors to have 3 wins. Jeurys Familia's ninth inning strikeout of Giancarlos Stanton was epic.

Ticket Cost: $89
Time of game: 2:38
Attendance: 30,753

Another early arrival, got to the ballpark about 4:35, waited until 5:10 for the gates to open. I love being in the ballpark early. Batting practice going on, food booths just getting going, just a few fans around for a few minutes. This is when you get all the ballpark smells the best while the consistent crack of the bat during batting practice seems to keep time with the slowly filling stadium. Each day I've been walking a couple laps around the ballpark when I get inside to enjoy and take it all in. Citi is much easier to get around in than AT&T. And the burgers and hot dogs are better. And the one ballpark smell that is missing but not missed - Garlic Fries! Tonight since I was early I had a burger at the famous Shake Shack to see what the fuss was about. Whoa! That burger literally melted in my mouth, it was so good. I'm going to have to walk a bit more at games and hit the stairs.

Pre game preparation

It has been hard to find a fan of the game for my 5 questions each day. Not because they are not there, it's just hard for me to interrupt strangers and bother them. Most people I have told my story to so far [maybe 8 people in 5 games] have been pretty blown away by what I am doing and they can't believe that I'm born and raised in California. Today I saw an older gentleman with a beautiful Mets jacket I had never seen before. After about ten minutes of procrastination, I finally approached him and introduced myself. His name was Frank Diprimo and was very friendly and agreed to answer my five questions. (His answers are shown on April 14th's game #2) We had a nice chat about the Mets and he said he has been to at least one Mets game every year since 1963. He stated that he was a Mets fan in 1961 because he knew they would be his team once they were "born". He missed games in the Mets inaugural season of 1962 because of his service in the Army. We exchanged thumbs up when the Mets took the lead and shook hands as he left. I believe a family member of his sang in the children's choir that did the national anthem.

View from my seat

I didn't venture around much once the game started. Good seats and a good game. It feels weird not to listen to Gary, Keith, and Ron on SNY TV broadcasts, I only get audio snippets when I walk past a TV or watch the game replay during the next day. But the feeling of being in the crowd cheering with other Mets fans is so awesome and more than makes up for the lack of TV commentary. I could not have dreamed of going to five games and the Mets winning all five. I'm shooting for 7 straight home wins with deGrom and Harvey throwing this weekend.

Mets win their 6th straight game!

Mets Fan of the Day
  • Name/Nickname: Freddie
  • Mets Fan Since: 1984
  • Favorite Mets Player: Darryl Strawberry
  • Favorite Mets Moment: Getting my ball autographed by D. Johnson, Darryl, Hojo, Tim, Roger, Ray, and Ed back in 1986
  • Favorite Rock Band: Blue Oyster Cult