Let's Go Mets! APRIL 14 - HOME GAME #2 vs Philadelphia Phillies (3-4)


Pitcher Matt Harvey (1-0) pitches his first game at Citi Field since Aug. 24, 2013. He faces Phillies starter David Buchanan (0-1). Harvey has dominated the Phillies in his career with a 4-0 record and 1.08 ERA.


Lets Go Mets! In what was an electric night in the stands with the return of Mets ace Matt Harvey, the game featured 5 home runs, 4 hit batters, catcher's interference, a warning to the pitchers, a manager ejection, two replays, the back up catcher playing third base, and unfortunately injuries to Michael Cuddyer (hand bruise) and David Wright (hamstring). But the Mets prevailed and won their third game in a row.

Ticket Cost: $68
Time of game: 3:12
Attendance: 39,489

#24 Kevin James was at the game & on the videoboard

This was a crazy game with the laundry list above of things that happened on the field. The attendance was 39,489. I had a nice seat behind the Mets dugout just past first base. Next to me was a family of four whose older child was celebrating her 3rd birthday by being at the Mets game. Mom said she had made the choice herself to go to the baseball game for her birthday. Before the game I saw a gentleman using a scorebook I did not recognize, he was a scout "scoring" the Phillies batting practice. That is something that makes sense but I had never observed somebody doing such.

As the game got closer to first pitch, I could feel the electricity in the crowd. There were what seemed like thousands of Harvey shirts and jerseys. Once the game started, chants of "Harvey, Harvey" filled the venue. The first pitch strike was greeted with a roar and got bigger as he stuck out the first two batters. Then with a two strike count on the hated Phillie second baseman Chase Utley, Matt threw a curveball that Utley launched into the right field stands for a 1-0 Phillies lead. Ryan Howard then struck out to end the inning.

Matt Harvey warming up before the 1st inning

The crowd was so into each pitch and stood in unison when Harvey reached a 2 strike count. He struck out 8 batters in 6 innings and walked nobody. And they were saying he had an off night. The first inning has to be one of the most awesome moments I've witnessed at the ballpark. SF Giants walk off wins are cool but it's just not the same as a NY Mets game, which is exactly why I am here.

Hot Sausage with bell peppers and onions

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