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Bill's License Plate Trading Page

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Hi my name is Bill Phillips Jr.

This plate was a special gift from my friend Clark, Thanks Clark...

I'm a license plate collector from Ulm, Montana. I developed this page to share photos and information about the hobby of license plate collecting

My feelings about license plate collecting... I collect license plates because I enjoy them. In my opinion a plate is only worth what another collector will pay or trade for it. Obviously some plates are nearer and dearer to our hearts than others. I prefer to trade plates rather than sell. If I have something you want but you have no trade, I'll sell you the plate for as fair a price as I can. When trading I expect to pay the postage on all plates I ship out and I expect the same in return. I find as much enjoyment in meeting the hundreds of interesting people along the way as I do the plates themselves. I use ALPCA grading standards and will do my best to grade plates that I describe in a fair and consistent manner. My current collecting interests are varied but include the following: Handicap issues, 1961 Birth Year Run, SAMPLE Plates, Any Plates With Purple In Them, Foreign Plates, Interesting color combinations, Montana State Run...and lots more...I'm always interested in trade offers...I hope you enjoy my site
Go to my wants list here: WANTS Go to my trades list here: TRADES

You can go here to see some of my favorite plates:
Bill's Favorites

If you'd like to see my 50 state run displays click on USA 1 or USA 2 USA 1 USA 2

As a 1961 birthyear collector I have a page dedicated to 1961 plates...To view my 1961 plates go here:

1961 Run

I just started collecting motorcycle plates so you can visit my m/c page to see what I need and what I have to trade
Motorcycle Plates

I like to collect foreign plates as well as U.S. plates To see some of the international plates in my collection go here:
International Plates #1

Im still working on the second page of international plate photos but eventually it will be here:
This page is continually under construction

International Plates #2
Double click on the page you want to visit to see more plate photos
Montana Plates

State of Montana License Plates Page