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These are the plates I have available for trade

This page last updated February 15th 2002
As many of you know, updating a trades list is very time consuming so I try to limit editing this page to about once every three months or so...I appologize if a given plate you see is no longer available, but I will make every effort to offer a comparable plate when available. For the most part all plates displayed on this page are in VG to MINT condition unless otherwise stated. If you are interested in trading for any of these plates feel free to contact me at the email link on the bottom of this page.
Montana Plates:
2000 Big Sky whispey cloud graphics many from mint to VG pass or truck
Previous Montana rainbow mountain "Big Sky" graphic base, I usually Have 50 to 100 available at all times, both pass and truck in all conditions ask about counties and serials
1976 base red white and blue bicentennial graphic bases, both pass and truck in all conditions ask about specific counties and serials 100-150 in stock all the time
MT Centennial issue graphic gold white and burgundy base with blue serial have several
MT Dealer plates: I have various years and color combinations, please ask for details

United Kingdom...I have about 20 all in very good or better condition most are excellent. About half are black on reflective yellow rear plates and the other half are black on reflective white front plates, all are made out of Plexiglas and measure approximately 4-1/2” X 20” Ask about serials available
My trading stock is continually changing and it is hard to keep this list updated so, If you don't see what you’re looking for on this list, just ask, I might have it…Happy Collecting
I currently have plates available for trade from about 35 different states and many Canadian provinces as well as a few other foreign countries. I am happy to provide photos of any and all plates upon request.
This is a poster which is used by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles in their offices. The poster shows some of the different custom logos and designs available for sports fans on the current "Empire State" issue New York license plate...I have several of these posters to trade or for sale if you're interested drop me a line at
e-mail me if you have any questions at: