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1961 Birth Year Run

This page is dedicated to photos of the 1961 license plates that I have and the ones that I still need.

I now have 45 states plus the District of Columbia. I am told that Connecticut never produced a plate in '61 with a stamp or sticker on the plate identifying it as a '61 but I'd be happy to have any CT plate date '61 to fill the space such as a trailer or truck plate if such plates were ever issued. I still need the following four states to complete my 1961 run:
New Mexico
...If anyone out there has any of the 61's I need and would like to trade, please contact me at

As you can see, I could use up-grades for some of these especially Georgia and Michigan. Please contact me with any trade offers

I am also interested in aquiring all the Canadian provinces for 1961. I now have five of the Canadian Provinces three are picture in this photo: British Columbia, Quebec, and Sasketchewan, I also have Prince Edward Island and Ontario plates from 1961

The British Columbia maroon on pink plate is one of my all time favorite plates. You don't see pink and maroon used as plate colors very often... The Sasketchewan plate is blue on cream, and Quebec is black on white

Here is my latest photo of my 1961 run...Unfortunately the lighting wasn't very good and so the photo quality leaves a lot to be desired...Hopefully I'll find the time to update photos soon

If you have any 61's that I need that you are willing to trade please contact me at:

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