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Here are some photos of my foreign plates

I normally have a good supply of British number plates for trade...If you have any foreign plates you would like to trade for a British plate please send me an e-mail at The following are photos of some of my international plates from top left to bottom right
German Zoll...Panama
Spain.........Euro 96 is a sample German plate
1962 Yukon (one of my first attemps at a repaint)
Front and Rear French plates
South Korean dump truck plate (very rare in collections, I have yet to meet another collector that has one)

Here are a few of my British plates available for trade...

This is an Arabic plate from the United Arab Emirates...

These are current South Korean passenger plates...The plates are white on green, embossed on light guage aluminum...The Korean characters across the top (called Hongul) identify the province where the vehicle is registered...the numerals that follow are the vehicle class...The alpha Korean character that preceeds the four digit serial is part of the serial. A numeric figure in this position denotes a vehicle registered to an American service member such as

Here are a few South Korean non passenger plates...

These are my plates from Australia, I got most of these from Malcolm Fitzgerald...Thanks Malcolm

These are a couple of my Canadian issues, one from each province

This is a small display of some of my foreign plates that won best non-Montana display at the NILPS 2001 license plate swap meet in Ronan, MT