"Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia,"-Acts 16:6

As a 2nd generation Filipino-American, I've interacted with Asian & Asian-Americans alike since I've grown up in St. Paul. I had 2 nearyby neighbors from Vietnam whom I got along playing baseball, nintendo, and all sorts of games as "little kids". We didn't really talk much about our ethnic-cultural backgrounds as we had similar taste for food, karate/kung-fu, and walking together to Battle Creek Elementary School in east St. Paul.

Then I went through a cultural collision in Battle Creek Middle School, where I didnt' want to associate with Asians at all (testimony). I remember using the term "gook", even though I was called one.

I started searching my roots by getting involved with the Asian Club at Harding Senior High School when I was asked by a close friend (who happened to be Vietnamese). Then at UMM I got involved with the Asian Student Association, where I began to search more of my Filipino identity for many reasons (was asked "Where are you from?", "you speak good English", "what is the Philippines like").

Through many conferences (Harvard, MAASU-Asian American, Georgetown-Hmong Youth Conference and others related events, I've been able to compile the following resources=>

  • Asian American Outreach
  • Current Events

    South Asian Tsunami-Earthquake Post-Christmas 04'

    Reccomended Resources


    Grocery Stores

  • Oriental Grocery Stores, from Shrubbery's (Geocities) Site
  • Eating

  • Asian Culinary Arts
  • Asia

  • Indonesia Crisis,site on the persecution in Indonesia against chinese and christian
  • Churches

  • Morning Star Bible Church, minister to Asian and Asian Americans
  • Education


  • "Losing Face & Finding Grace",sharing the lives of Asian Am. ChristiansAAA
  • College Students

  • Asian American Christian Fellowship">, at Stanford, CA
  • Epic Movement, Asian American focus outreach of Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Conferences


    Ethnic Group Focus

    Asia Travel Images
    The sights and sounds of Asia are seen in this video.

    Afghan, through a North Dakotan connection
    Bangladesh, a former UMM student connection

    Burmese, (known as Myanamar)

  • Burma Campaign, the Land of fear
  • Cambodia

    China, a cultural perspective from a movie

    Filipino, a cultural perspective from Sal

    Hmong, perspective of living in the highest populated state of Hmong in the U.S.

    Indian, a cultural perspective from some reccomended resources

    Indoneisan, a UMM connection since 95'

    Japanese, a cultural perspective from college students

  • Japanese Christian Fellowship Network
  • Korean, a cultural perspective from college students

    Laotian, a cultural perspective from college students

    Mongolia, a local church missions experience


    Russian, local missionaries' experience in Siberia

    Sri Lankan, UMM connections

    Taiwanese, UMM Alumn connection

    Thai, missionary connection

    Tibet, a UMM-Morris visit
    Uzbekistan, a Morris community connection

    Vietnamese, on-hand personal experience growing-up



  • Fijian
  • Australian/New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinean
  • -Polynesian

  • Samoan, big celebrity and musicians
  • Geography

  • Lonely Planet, map
  • Internships

  • MOGPA, a non-profit organiation arranges professional work assignments and internships in Asia

  • Internet Focus

  • Asian American Ministries Online, site dedicated to helping Asian Americans get to heaven
  • DJ's Index of Asian American Ministeries, an excellent resource link!
  • Music

  • Katinas, a Samoan-American group

  • Ministries

  • Asian American Ministry, reaching across the United States
  • Natural Disasters

    -Post-Christmas 9.0 Earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia...more

    Other Related Links:

  • Gospel Resources for Asian, an Ethnic Havest link
  • UMM Asian Student Association Resource Page

  • Book References:

    Church Unity
    Watchman Nee,With Gene Edwards,With Warren Litzman / Paperback / Seedsowers, The / February 1992

    The Discovery of Genesis: How the Truths of Genesis Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language
    C.H. Kang Ethel Nelson
    Format: Paperback, 139pp. ISBN: 0570037921 Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

    Following Jesus without Dishonoring Your Parents
    Jeanette Yep,Greg Jao,Paul Tokunaga / Paperback / InterVarsity Press / March 1999

    People on the Way: Asian North Americans Discovering Christ, Culture, and Community
    David Ng (Editor) / Paperback / Judson Press / June 1996


    Secular: Joy Luck Club, Kitchen God's Wife, Cinderella by Roger & Hammerstein
    Non-secular: China Cry

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