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Asian: Vietnamese Outreach


Xin Chao-Hello! Welcome to the Vietnamese Outreach Homepage. I grew-up in a neighborhood where I lived next door to a Vietnamese family and another one several houses up the hill. I was friends with the the neighbor as we were close to the same age. I didn't really think much of the cultural aspect of it until I got older. As I look back, this was just the beginning of what I'm doing now-multicultural ministry at UMM in Morris, Minnesota.

I remember smelling the Vietnamese food whenever I came over to play "nintendo" or going over to his house before we walked to school. We did the "normal" American activities as kids, such as collecting baseball cards, collecting coins, and just play in our backyard. As we got older and made new friends, we slowly drifted apart.

I made friends with another Vietnamese in High School, which he got me interested in joining the Asian Club. We would do the typical teenager activities, such as partying, hanging out at billiard-pool areas, or just cruising the city night life.

In college, I met more Vietnamese, but I wasn't as close since I was meeting people from all various backgrounds. Culture wasn't talked much as I notice the recent Vietnam War was still trying to be avoided. However, I met a professor at UMM that had a passion on anything dealing with this particular nation. I look back watching all those movies on the "unpopular" war and it breaks my heart to see how the Vietnamese people are portrayed. If one does not know anyone from this country, the movie might make one angry or prejudiced/racist towards them.

  • Vietnam Pix, a pictorial story
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Washington D.C. ironically designed by an Asian American Woman that was controversial at it's opening.
    *I had the privilege of visiting this historical monument when I attended the 96' Hmong Youth Conference with UMM's Asian Student Association.

    Meeting people from this unique nation made me think about the "negative" portrayal in these American movies. Whenever I learned about Vietnam, I would get flashbacks of the many friends I made from this country. That is why I thought it was time to set-up a resource page on what I've gathered up so far as of today-Friday, November 27th of 2003.

    Reccomended Resources

    Bon Dieu Bann can biet
    Good News!




  • Thien Bao Thuc Phi, a local poet that came to an UMM: ASA function
  • College Students

  • Vietnamese Student Association, in the UofM-Twin Cities Campus
  • Demographics

  • 8,066 to 8,694 Vietnamese in Minnesota, from 2000 Census from State of MN
  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Catalysty Foundation, a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children in Vietnam
  • Vietnamese Minnesotans
  • Radio

  • Viet Minnesota Radio, on Thursdays @10-10:30p at KFAI 90.3 Minneapolis 106.7 St. Paul
  • Social Services

  • Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota
  • Restaurants

    Quang Restaurant (Best of The Twin Cities in 01'&02) 2719 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, MN (612) 870-4739
    Reviews: (1) (2)
    My sister's friend is a friend of the owners of this!




  • Vietnamese Church Online Directory, from Viet Christian
  • Gospel Resources

  • Vietnamese Gospel Resources, by Ethnic Harvest
  • Travel

    -Airline Flights/Travel Agencies

  • Bargain Travel

  • Example Search on 2/9/05 from MSP to HAN:
    One Way: major us airline $677.74
  • Vietnam Cheap Flights, from

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