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Asian: Taiwanese Outreach


一無掛慮no worry搖滾主耶穌Jesus rocks!!豬頭皮

I (Sal) just got an e-mail from a Taiwanese international student/buddy I met 9 years ago at UMM! I decided to do this website today (8/1/04) quick as a dedication!

Weekly Friday Evening (@6p-9p?) Fellowship at Hsu & Chen's House (Living Stream Ministry)

God provides plenty of food!

Smaller group than average (15-20 since the start of the 06'-07' UMM school year) this evening (Friday, October 27th 2006). But, where 2 or more gathered, God is here! Eric shares his God given talents of playing the guitar during the hymns.

25+ People

We had the largest group I've seen on these Friday evenings tonight (Nov 17th of 2006)...

Many college international students (many from Asia-Japan, Korea, and China) showed up for some of Chen's good cooking!

Another Awesome Fellowship Night-Friday, December 15th of 2006

I had a great time last night as we prayed (e.g. deliverance of idlolatry, devotionals in the morning, etc..) for one another and share God's awesome works (e.g. divorce situation become a reconcilliation togetherness for a couple we prayed for last month)...

Above (middle picture) are friends (from China) making Chicken Dumplings/Dim Sum for all of us to eat-yummy! Chen made some lagsana too, which was her first time! We had Tony (left picture above with Eric, Tim, Victor, and Isaac) and his wife-Margarita(visiting from Bulgaria until Jan 7th of 07') come and were busy playing table tennis (downstairs) most of the evening. Michael (kid) and Ajen (sp?-high school exchange student from South Korea (right picture above).

Farewell to Tony and wife on Friday, January 5th 2007

I made a special strawberry cake for "T"ony & "M"argarita that had their initials. Tony & Margarita made their famous Bulgarian "Mousaka". After supper, Tony plays his last table tennis game with Sam.

Friday, January 26th of 2007

We had three new "guests" this evening. They were all men from China and new students attending UMM this second "new" semester of 2007...

Friday, February 2nd of 2007

2007-2008 UMM Academic Year

Friday, Sept. 7th of 2007

Today was the first day where college students are back and were able to fellowship with us.

Friday, Sept 14th of 2007

Brothers in Christ from Fargo's North Dakota State University (from India) came over when our fellowship Friday evening ended around 8:15pm. Since they came late, they decided to stay overnight. We (Hu and I) ended up giving them a tour of Morris (e.g. Horticulture Gardens) before they headed back to their colled town.

Friday, September 28th of 2007

It was Homecoming at UMM this weekend, so we had a couple of new visitors (Shannon F. 02' & Joey P. 04')...

Friday, November 10th of 2007

We had a good size group again as many that were here haven't been here for awhile. The food was great as every Friday by Chen's cooking. We sang some familar hymnns (e.g. "Country Girl"). Then we had open shares (e.g. "Hear from God" on one of the pamphlets.

Friday, November 16th of 2007

We welcome a couple of new "first-time" visitors (Kate R.-UMM 07' Alumn and ? -UMM h.s. post-secondary student from Alexandria, MN). This evening we chatted about two Mary's in the Bible, unity (John 17-see Heart of the City Worship), etc.. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving next weekend vacation.

Friday, February 1st of 2008

Friday, April 4th of 2008

We had a large group this evening, which we had many teenagers (not pictured) here because of Sam's "boy's slumber" party.

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    *during the 2006 MLB playoffs, I notice 2 distinct Taiwanese baseball (other nationalities listed in Wikipedia and Baseball Almanac)

  • Chien-Ming Wang of the AL East Division 06' Champions for the N.Y. Yankees
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  • "Taiwan was inhabited by aborigines of Malayan descent when Chinese from the areas now designated as Fukien and Kwangtung began settling it in the 7th century, becoming the majority. The Portuguese explored the area in 1590, naming it �the Beautiful� (Formosa). In 1624 the Dutch set up forts in the south, the Spanish in the north. The Dutch forced out the Spanish in 1641 and controlled the island until 1661, when Chinese general Koxinga took it over and established an independent kingdom. The Manchus seized the island in 1683 and held it until 1895, when it passed to Japan after the first Sino-Japanese War. Japan developed and exploited Formosa. It was the target of heavy American bombing during World War II, and at the close of the war the island was restored to China."


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