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Cambodian Outreach


I began to learn more about Cambodia through a friend I met at UMM. He would share his culture proudly with me through pictures, personal website, and art. Yes, his artwork is still on-campus at the MRC Office.

When I think of Cambodia, I sadly think about the Khymer Rouge-regime back in the 1970's when 6 million were executed (the "unforgotten Holocaust") by Pol Pot.

With this homepage, I hope to educate people about this history learning lesson of what Cambodia went through. Also, I hope to enlighten this past horrific history with beautiful images and rich culture of this unique nation.

Vanthat Meak (google search (1) and I at one of ASA's annual picnic at Pomme De Terre in 1997

Reccomended Resources



  • United Cambodian Association of Minnesota (UCAM)

  • *referred by Council of Asian Pacific Minnesotans, who is interned for in the summer of 1998


    Cheng Heng Restaurant 448 University Avenue West
    St Paul, MN 55103

  • others listed in Twin Cities Dining Guide


  • Cambodian American Resource Agency
  • Personal Testimonies

  • Power to Change Testimony


  • Lonely Planet, travel info

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