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This page is devoted to The Addams Family and The Munsters, two classic tv series from the 1960s that were continued as movies. The Addams Family is the older of the two, dating back to cartoons by Charles Addams. From 1932 until his death in 1988, Charles Addams contributed more than 1,300 cartoons and covers to The New Yorker. Most of them depicted "the ominous, lovable, dark, and infinitely hilarious Addams family."
So popular were the macabre cartoons that New Yorker still runs them from time to time.
The TV series starred John Astin, who went on to fame as the mad scientist in Attack of the Killer Tomato movies ("I'm not mad, I'm angry. I'm an angry scientist"), Carolyn Jones as the original Morticia, after already costarring in the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) and House of Wax (1953), and Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester.
The movie versions in 1991 & 1993 starred Raul Julia, who had a varied career that started with the creepy "Eyes of Laura Mars" (1978, written by John Carpenter of Halloween fame), Anjelica Huston as Morticia, and Christopher Lloyd (more recently starring in the movie version of My Favorite Martian, but best known as Doc Brown in the Back To The Future movies) as the new Fester.

The Munsters tv series and movies starred Fred Gwynn (the great judge in "My Cousin Vinney") as Herman Munster, a Frankenstein creation, and Yvonne De Carlo, (who more recently was in "American Gothic") as wife Lillie, Butch Patrick as Eddie and Al Lewis as Grampa Munster, a centuries-old Count from Transylvania (Al Lewis is slightly younger). In addition to acting, Lewis wrote and directed the Our Miss Brooks movie and radio series. The Addams Family is also the subject of books. In 1973, a new animated Addams Family series came out based on the original cartoons.
Addams Family episode: The Family Tree

The Munsters is now on TV Land regularly, starting with the 1st episode back on 9-18-00.
The original Addams Family tv series is also there:
(note: TV episode titles are only available 2 weeks in advance)
                                    Addams Family episodes:
     Titles unknown, continuing every day except Monday on TV Land 

                                    Munsters episodes:
     Titles unknown, continuing on TV Land

                                    MOVIES in 2007
Addams Family Values (1993, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd)
(TV Guide no longer has Raul Julia listings on its website because he's dead; not even his bio)
WGN Sun, Dec 23, 12:30/3:30am EST 

"The Addams Family" (1991, Raul Julia)
Last seen in 2006 on USA Network

John Carpenter's "Eyes of Laura Mars" (1978, Raul Julia)
A psychic woman is able to see murders in progress from the killer's point of view
(not currently scheduled)

National Lampoon's European Vacation
(Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Dana Hill, Eric Idle, Victor Lanoux, Gameshow host: John Astin)
(not currently scheduled)

Freaky Friday (1977, Barbara Harris, John Astin)
A mother & daughter (little Jodie Foster) switch bodies and soon regret it
Last seen in September, 2007 on Turner Classic Movies

(Roger Corman's) "Frankenstein Unbound" (1990, John Hurt, Raul Julia, Bridget Fonda)
A time-traveling scientist encounters Dr. Frankenstein and his monster
Jan  5, 2007 on Fox Movie Channel
Sat  Feb  3  02:30A on Encore's Drama Channel

The Frighteners (1996, John Astin, see movie description below)
Sat  Aug 11  05:00P on SciFi Channel

Here Come The Munsters
Apr 23, 2007 on Cinemax

Move Over, Darling (1963, Doris Day, John Astin, Don Knotts)
A woman thought to be dead returns just as her husband (James Garner) is about to remarry
Fri  Sep 21  05:30A on American Movie Classics

The Munster's Revenge (1981, same stars)
(not currently scheduled)

My Cousin Vinny (Fred Gwynne as Alabama small town Judge vs. Brooklyn wiseguy Joe Pesci)
Feb  8, 2007 11:50A on Starz Edge
Mon  Feb 12  06:00P on Encore
Sun  Feb 18  05:50P on Starz Comedy
Thu  Mar  1  12:35A on Encore Love Stories
Mon  Mar  5  11:45A on Mystery
Fri  Mar  9  11:15A on Starz
Thu  Jul 12  03:50A on HBO
Thu  Sep 27  03:50P & 10:00P on Cinemax

The Secret of My Success (1987 comedy, Helen Slater, Fred Gwynne) 
Kansas farmboy (Michael J. Fox) goes to New York & succeeds in business without really trying
Sun  Sep 16  07:00A on More Max

Street Fighter (1994, Raul Julia, based on the popular videogame)
Sun  Jul 29  07:40P on Wam!
Thu  Aug  2  06:00A, 2:50P & 10:10P on Action
Thu  Aug  2  07:00A, 3:50P & 11:10P on Movie Plex

Teen Wolf Too (John Astin)
Jun 11, 2006  10:15A on Showtime

The Ten Commandments (1956, Yvonne De Carlo as Sephora)
Sat  Apr 07  07:00P  ABC   

West Side Story (John Astin, 1961 version of The Warriors)
Fri  Sep 28  06:00A on American Movie Classics

The Wheeler Dealers (1963, John Astin)
(not currently scheduled)

Biography - Fred Gwynne (60 min, 1926-93)
Profiling Fred Gwynne (1926-93), who created memorable characters such as Herman Munster
Thu  June 28  9am, 3pm & 4am on Biography Channel

Biography - Yvonne De Carlo (60 min, 2000) 
Wed  Jun 27  9am, 3pm & 4am on Biography Channel

Biography - Carolyn Jones: Morticia and More, A profile of the actress. Among 
those commenting: John Astin, Lisa Loring and TV GUIDE's Matt Roush (60 min, 2002)
May  8, 2007  8pm & 12am on Biography Channel
John Astin co-starred with Michael J. Fox and Dee Wallace Stone in "The Frighteners" (1996)
A psychic con artist and his three ghostly assistants must take time out from haunting houses to halt the rampaging spirit of an executed killer, seen recently on USA Network and on SciFi Channel. Directed by Peter Jackson; John Astin played one of the ghosts hired by Fox to haunt houses to drum up business, and thought Jackson did such a good job he encouraged his son Sean Astin to take a role in the Lord Of The Rings movies
The Family Channel made episodes of the New Addams Family (1998-99) before ABC got it:
"They're creepy and they're spooky...and they're back! The New Addams Family is an updated version of the popular mid-sixties series about a decidedly off-beat family who reside in an eerie mansion. In the series, the ghoulish characters are pitted against the mundane world - the school board, the truant officer and the mailman. To themselves, they are a normal family, but to others they are most frightening."

. Here's a sample of the 1964 & 1973 tv series, and movies available:

The Munsters Revenge (1981)
The Addams Family (1991)
Addams Family Values (1993)
Addams vs. Munsters: Family Feud & Reunion (1994)
Addams Family: The Circus Story (animated, 1973)
The Addams Family in New York (animated, 1973)
The Addams Family, V. 6 (2 eps, 1964)
Addams Family, V. 3 (2 eps, 1964)
Addams Family, V. 1 (2 eps, 1964)
Addams Family, V. 2 (2 eps, 1964)
Addams Family, V. 4 (2 eps, 1964)
Addams Family, V. 5 (2 eps, 1964)
Addams Family: Ghost Town (4 animated eps)
Addams Family: Left in the Lurch (4 animated eps)

The Munsters (pilot episode)

The letters in Funeral can be rearranged to spell Real Fun The New Munsters (which is no longer on tv) really sucks despite Lee Meriwether as Lilly (she also played Catwoman in the 1966 Batman movie). The New Addams Family (on the FAM channel) is apparently using the original 1960s scripts, and even had John Astin in one ep as Grandpa Addams. New Munsters pilot episode (1988)

After an I Dream Of Jeannie Barbie (with miniature bottle), Wonder Woman Barbie and the recent release of Ken and Barbie as Gomez and Morticia Addams from the 1960s tv series, the new release for August, 2001, is Herman & Lily Munster for $79.99 at a toy or gift shop near you (or try eToys if they haven't been taken over by by now). TV Guide says it "captures the Transylvanian Ozzie and Harriet down to the bolts in his neck and the golden, bat-shaped choker around hers." No comment from Grampa Munster, last seen sulking in the basement and looking for a hex spell to put on the Barbie Collectibles line (don't laugh, he knows the guy who put the hoodoo on the Edsel in one episode).
"It's much better than most of the other ones I've seen," says Yvonne DeCarlo, 78, who played Lily in the 1964-66 series now seen on TV Land, "but the bat is wrong. It should be silver." Next up will be a Barbie Samantha Stephens from Bewitched for $39.99 - Ken couldn't decide between Dick York and Dick Sargent, so there's no Darren counterpart doll. And the senior product manager for Barbie Collectibles says they haven't run out of female icons for Barbie yet

The Addams Family TV-series returned to TV Land channel on Saturday, June 5, 2004, with a 48-hour marathon:

#1 The Addams Family Goes to School
Morticia decides to keep the children home from school after she sees the fairy tales they have to read. When the truant officer comes to investigate, he finds Morticia tending her garden of hemlock and poison ivy, and Gomez blowing up bridges on his model train set
#2 Morticia and the Psychiatrist
Pugsley abandons his pet octopus for a puppy, is seen wearing a Boy Scout uniform, plays with a baseball bat, and helps an old lady cross the street. Distraught, Morticia seeks the counsel of psychiatrist Dr. Black.
#3 Fester's Punctured Romance
Uncle Fester convinces Gomez and Morticia that it is time for him to find a mate. Fester conducts his search by putting an ad in a newspaper, then mistakenly thinks a door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman is answering his ad
#4 Gomez, the Politician
Election fever grips the Addams household, as Gomez supports the council candidate whose campaign promise is to drain the town's disgusting bogs. Morticia, who likes "the lovely bogs," labels the candidate an extremist. But Gomez assures her that all politicians do the opposite of their campaign promises.
#5 The Addams Family Tree
Pugsley and Wednesday start a row at a birthday party when their gift of a tarantula upsets Harold, the birthday boy. Harold's parents insist that the Addams children lack breeding and, therefore, are no longer allowed to play with their son. Gomez and Morticia then hire a genealogist to trace their heritage and find out something surprising about Harold's ancestors.
#6 Morticia Joins the Ladies League
Gorgo, an escaped circus gorilla, is accepted as one of the family which shocks the Ladies League members Morticia's invited to tea. Gomez is pleased as Pugsley makes a friend of Gorgo, but Lurch is unhappy when Pugsley teaches Gorgo to do housework.
#7 Halloween With the Addams Family
A pair of bank robbers are welcomed as Halloween trick or treaters by Morticia and Gomez. The creepy atmosphere of the house, Morticia's smoldering holiday punch and Lurch's ominous presence impel the crooks to abandon their plans to add Addams money and jewelry to their bank loot (Guest Star: Don Rickles)
#8 Green Eyed Gomez
When Lionel Barker, a former suitor of Morticia's, shows up, Gomez is jealous. But he's soon calmed when he learns that Barker is after Mildred, the new maid. The Addamses then discover that Barker is a con man after Mildred's money, not her love.
#9 New Neighbors Meet the Addams Family
A pair of newlyweds leases the house next door to the Addams Family. But the honeymoon loses its tranquillity when Uncle Fester enters their house through a tunnel. When invited next door, they flee in terror at the sight of Lurch, Grandmama sharpening her ax, and Morticia and Gomez bathing the pet octopus.
#10 Wednesday Leaves Home
The family faces a crisis when Wednesday packs her spider and runs away (after being scolded for playing with Uncle Fester's TNT instead of her own). When they try to file a missing person report, a detective is anxious to retire early because of the Addamses' story
#11 The Addams Family Meets the V.I.P.s
Official visitors from an unfriendly Cold War nation receive the shock of their lives when they decide to exploit the Addams Family as an average uncultured American family. The visitors are shaken up by Morticia's carnivorous plants and Uncle Fester's penchant for jolts of electricity, among other typical Addams sights.
#12 Morticia, the Matchmaker
Morticia's cousin, Melancholia, wants to marry Clarence P. Harvey after most of her marital prospects have joined the Foreign Legion. Clarence recoils when Melancholia puts on a campaign to win him, backed by support from Morticia, Gomez and Clarence's boss.
#13 Lurch Learns to Dance
Lurch becomes a veritable gazelle when he takes dancing lessons at Gomez and Morticia's suggestion, after he admits to being a wallflower at social functions. Each member of the Addams Family teaches Lurch a different step.
#14 Art and the Addams Family
Grandmama's paintings leave an art critic speechless, so Gomez sends for his friend Picasso, that's Sam Picasso (Vito Scotti), to teach Grandmama to paint in the abstract. The starving artist ignores Grandmama's and Morticia's work as he eats and paints. Meanwhile, the art critic urges Gomez to "throw the bum out."
#15 The Addams Family Meets a Beatnik
Rockland Cartright III is a beatnik who crashes his motorbike into a tree and recuperates at the Addams house. Each regards the other as an oddity, although the family learns to appreciate certain aspects of Rockland's life. As a treat, they put Rockland in the stocks and on the rack.
#16 The Addams Family Meets the Undercover Man
Mr. Briggs, the postman, is hired by the government to do undercover work in the Addams house. While pretending to be a stamp collector, he investigates rumors that coded radio messages are being sent from the house [note: The head of TV's Mission Impossible for its 1st season was a Mr. Briggs].
#17 Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family
Lurch's tiny fire-eating mother visits and demands that Lurch's employers wait on her boy hand and foot. Lurch revels in the unexpected attention he gets from Morticia and Gomez.
#18 Uncle Fester's Illness
Uncle Fester's electrical output fails abruptly. His relatives don't know whether to call a doctor or an electrician to bring Fester back to full wattage. Morticia prescribes a bowl of porcupine mold, and both she and Gomez agree that long exposure to moon rays would be beneficial.
#19 The Addams Family Splurges
The family would like to vacation on the Moon, but the billion dollar travel cost is slightly prohibitive. Uncle Fester volunteers $21.13 and Morticia suggests a $2,000 bet on the daily double at the racetrack.
#20 Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family
Cousin Itt is advocated as curator of the local zoo. Gomez uses his influence with Park Commissioner Fisk to promote Itt for the job, but the zookeepers are convinced the Addamses' cousin should himself be confined to a cage.
#21 The Addams Family in Court
Grandmama is hauled off to jail for setting up a fortune-telling booth in the Addamses' living room. Gomez volunteers to act as attorney, and the court session becomes a shambles.
#22 Amnesia in the Addams Family
Gomez loses his memory after hitting his head; he fails to recognize Morticia, and says the house looks like a condemned museum. The Addamses take turns hitting Gomez on the head trying to help him regain his memory.
#23 Thing Is Missing
Thing disappears from his box. Failing to find a single trace of Thing, Gomez conducts an investigation with all members of the household under suspicion.
#24 Crisis in the Addams Family
Uncle Fester applies for a job as an insurance salesman with the same company which is threatening to cancel the Addamses' policy (because Fester keeps blowing things up). Fester convinces the company interviewer that he is qualified for the job.
#25 Lurch and His Harpsichord
Lurch becomes inconsolable when Gomez donates the family harpsichord to a collector. Gomez and Morticia offer Lurch a balalaika and a set of drums. When this proves unsatisfactory, Gomez and Fester decide to build a new harpsichord.
#26 Morticia, the Breadwinner
When Morticia hears the stock market has crashed, she assumes that Gomez has been financially wiped out and rallies the family to help make money. Morticia gives fencing and dancing lessons, Lurch and Fester run an escort service, Grandmama styles hair, and the kids run a poison drink stand.
#27 The Addams Family and the Spacemen
While enjoying a moonlight picnic and snail hunt, the Addams Family is mistaken for Martians by uniformed investigators from Mysterious Space Objects Headquarters. In turn, Gomez and the clan regard their inquisitors with suspicion.
#28 My Son, the Chimp
An organ grinder's fugitive monkey leads Fester to believe that he has turned Pugsley into a monkey. Morticia and Gomez treat the monkey as though he were their son, welcoming him to the dinner table and giving him Pugsley's chores.
#29 Morticia's Favorite Charity
Morticia's favorite charity is having an auction - so Morticia persuades her family to part with things to sell. Donations include Wednesday's headless doll, the old flogging table, a stuffed vulture and Uncle Fester's dynamite.
#30 Progress and the Addams Family
The Addams Family ignores notices that their house is to be condemned to make way for a freeway. When sudden explosions cannot be traced to any member of the family but, instead, to city workmen, Gomez is forced to consider moving the house to another lot and creating new swamps.
#31 Uncle Fester's Toupee
Uncle Fester's midwestern pen pal, Madelyn, is coming to visit. Fester panics, as he has described himself as handsome, heroic and romantic. Gomez and Morticia agree that all Fester needs is a toupee; they help him make several styles ranging from crew cut to the Beatles look.
#32 Cousin Itt and the Vocational Counselor
Morticia and Gomez are worried about Cousin Itt because he spends his days sleeping and dreaming in his tiny room. They decide that Itt would make an excellent marriage counselor, and pretend to be a couple with a failing marriage
#33 Lurch, the Teenage Idol
A recording company's platter of Lurch's gravelly voice brings a screaming mob of teenage fans to the Addams house. Thinking the mob is an invasion, Gomez, Morticia and Fester take battle stations. To calm the crowd, Lurch seats himself at the harpsichord and rewards his fans with a song to end all songs.
#34 The Winning of Morticia Addams
Taken in by a psychologist's pronouncement that the only happily married couples are those who fight, members of the Addams household devise schemes to start a battle between Gomez and Morticia
#35 My Fair Cousin Itt
Gomez decides to bolster Cousin Itt's failing ego by making him the star of a production aimed as a birthday surprise for Wednesday. He hires the great director, Eric von Bissell, who gives Itt elocution lessons of such effectiveness that Itt begins to develop a Hollywood star complex.
#36 Morticia's Romance (Part 1)
While Morticia and Gomez are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary, Morticia tells Wednesday and Pugsley a bedtime story of how she and Gomez first met. In this episode, Carolyn Jones plays Morticia, Morticia as a 22 year old, and sister Ophelia Frump
#37 Morticia's Romance (Part 2)
Wednesday and Pugsley refuse to go to bed until they hear the rest of the courtship story. Morticia resumes the tale via flashback, including the ceremony beginning with Ophelia Frump, Morticia's balmy sister, as the bride.
#38 Morticia Meets Royalty
Romance seems close at hand for Thing, the Addams right hand in a box, when Gomez's aunt, Princess Millicent, arrives for a visit accompanied by Lady Fingers, her handmaiden. Thing enjoys the visit most because it gives him a chance to hold hands with one of his own kind.
#39 Gomez, the People's Choice
Morticia and Gomez visit Mayor Henson to complain that their property tax is ridiculously low. After the Mayor proves his incompetence by offering a refund, Gomez is persuaded to become a candidate for the office. Aiding the family with the campaign is Whizzo, a computer type political machine.
#40 Cousin Itt's Problem
During a welcome home party for Cousin Itt, Morticia notices that the diminutive guest of honor seems to be losing his hair. Uncle Fester experiments with his chemistry set to produce a chemical concoction that grows hair on a doorknob, Thing's box, and his own bald pate. So he agrees to try the remedy on frantic Cousin Itt.
#41 Halloween, Addams Style
Wednesday and Pugsley return in tears from trick or treating because a neighbor has told them there is no such thing as a witch. Morticia and Gomez plan to prove to the children that they do exist by summoning a witch to a seance.
#42 Morticia, the Writer
Determined to correct the dreadful dragon slaying type literature that Wednesday and Pugsley are exposed to, Morticia sets out to create a new literary world for children. Gomez fears that his wife's first manuscript is so good, that once the publisher reads it he will lose her forever.
#43 Morticia, the Sculptress
In need of artistic fulfillment, Morticia takes up sculpting. Art critic Bosley Swain views her first endeavor (a three eyed Gomez statue) and clubs it with his cane. Gomez, who won't have Morticia's heart broken, gets Sam Picasso, a seedy art dealer, to buy it.
#44 Morticia, the Matchmaker
Morticia's cousin, Melancholia, wants to marry Clarence P. Harvey after most of her marital prospects have joined the Foreign Legion. Clarence recoils when Melancholia puts on a campaign to win him, backed by support from Morticia, Gomez and Clarence's boss.
#45 Feud in the Addams Family
Prompted by Morticia's invitation, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Courtney visit the Addams house for tea, hoping to meet a member of the social set who turns out to be Gomez's cousin by marriage. Fred Clark guest stars.
#46 Gomez, the Cat Burglar
There is a neighborhood burglar on the loose, and Morticia has reason to believe it could be Gomez. Morticia decides to probe his subconscious mind for a key to his criminality after she and Uncle Fester discover loot hidden in the storeroom.
#47 Portrait of Gomez
Morticia's pet plant Cleopatra gobbles up her favorite photo of Gomez from the family album. When the original photographer is found and asked to make a duplicate picture, it is discovered that he is now with the Department of Motor Vehicles. So Gomez, who can't drive, will have to get a driver's license in order to have his picture taken
#48 Morticia's Dilemma
Gomez plays host to Don Xavier Molines, a family friend during his childhood in Spain, and his daughter Consuella. Morticia's hospitality changes to horror and shock when Consuella, believing Morticia to be Gomez's sister, reveals that she has been promised in marriage to Gomez since childhood and has come to marry him.
#49 Christmas With the Addams Family
When Wednesday's and Pugsley's faith in Santa Claus is shaken, Uncle Fester is chosen to back up Santa in case the real St. Nick is too busy to come. However, Fester/Santa gets stuck in the chimney, so each of the other adults in the house decides to substitute for him.
#50 Uncle Fester, Tycoon
Fester is so smitten upon receipt of a photo of his love, a carnival's bearded lady, that he borrows stamp money to mail her a proposal. Morticia dons a beard and poses as the girl's mother to convince Fester that he will have to work to support a wife.
#51 Morticia & Gomez vs. Fester & Grandmama
Because she thinks Fester and Grandmama are spoiling the children, Morticia hires a governess to watch them. Insulted, Fester paints a white line down the center of the Addams house, dividing it in half
#52 Fester Goes on a Diet
Morticia and Gomez see Fester conferring with TV muscleman Jack La Grann (Jack LaLanne), and think that Fester is planning a television career. However, Uncle Fester confides to Lurch that he has to go on a secret diet and exercise, because his Folies Bergere pen pal is coming for a visit.
#53 The Great Treasure Hunt
Morticia and Gomez find Grandfather Pegleg's treasure map and summon Captain Grimby. They hope to charter his boat for the treasure hunt. But after meeting the Captain, Morticia is careful to keep the nature of the mission secret.
#54 Ophelia Finds Romance
Ophelia Frump is madly in love with Horatio Bartholomew, the man who has everything except the truth about Ophelia's relatives. Morticia, convinced that her sister is in the hands of a lonely hearts Bluebeard, persuades playboy Cousin Itt to stir the embers of his past romance with Ophelia.
#55 Pugsley's Allowance
Pugsley shocks his parents when he gives up his new atomic reactor as kid stuff and announces that he wants to find his own job. His first try is as a medical assistant to Dr. Bird. He turns up, scalpel in hand, ready to help during an operation.
#56 Happy Birthday, Grandma Frump
Grandma Frump, played by guest star Margaret Hamilton [of Wizard of Oz fame], comes to the mistaken conclusion that her daughter, Morticia, and Gomez plan to pack her off to an old folks home. Actually, they plan to send her to a beauty farm.
#57 Morticia, the Decorator
To sell the neighboring Addams Family an insurance policy, agent Joe Digby allows Morticia to redecorate his home, including a stuffed vulture.
#58 Ophelia Visits Morticia
Ophelia taunts Uncle Fester into announcing that he is going to join the Peace Corps. Fester decides he's a cinch to be accepted, because Gomez plans to pull strings in Washington on his behalf. Then the entire family agrees to help him study for the exam.
#59 Addams Cum Laude
Allyn Joslyn guest-stars as Sam Hilliard, a former truant officer who now heads a private school where Wednesday and Pugsley are enrolled. When Hilliard breaks under the strain of dealing with the Addams children, Gomez buys the school.
#60 Cat Addams
Marty Ingels guest-stars as Dr. Marvin P. Gunderson, who is summoned to examine Kitty Kat, the ailing pet lion of the Addams Family. Morticia soon decides that it is the cringing doctor who needs help. To build his confidence, human members of the family pretend to be ill--so Gunderson can effect cures.
#61 Lurch's Little Helper
Morticia's concern that Lurch is overworked leads Gomez to the operating table to assemble a custom built secondary butler. Lurch lets the robot do all the work and then begins to feel that he isn't needed anymore.
#62 The Addams Policy
When Uncle Fester incinerates the family's stuffed polar bear with his flame thrower, Morticia reports the accident to the insurance company. Mr. Henson, the head of the company, sends his assistant, Mr. Digby, to investigate the case.
#63 Lurch's Grand Romance
Lurch suffers from unrequited love over Tiny Trivia, Morticia's visiting school chum who only has eyes for show business. The entire family decides to try to turn their stolid butler into a new personality.
#64 Ophelia's Career
When Ophelia laments that she has been jilted, Morticia suggests a career as an alternative to marriage. She tries chemistry first (with explosive results) then turns to operatic singing. Cousin Itt is summoned to coach her to stardom.

Fun fact:
At age 8, little Charles Addams was caught trespassing in an old Victorian house in his neighborhood. It would later serve as the model for the Addams Family house. He also liked to visit the local cemetery and "try to imagine what the people in the graves looked like." An early job for a detective magazine involved airbrushing corpse photos to make them less gruesome for publication. During the 1960s, he was forbidden by his editor at the New Yorker Magazine from doing any cartoons about the Addams Family (since it was on TV and then reruns), death, or spaceships(?). He outlasted that Editor and the next one allowed the Addams Family to return. Fans sent him all sorts of Addams-related things over the years, and he once joked that he could use the crossbow from one if his apartment were ever invaded.

Fred Gwynn obit (2006)

Al Lewis obit (2006)

Although President John Quincy Adams only spelled his name with one "d" he did have a pet alligator in the White House, a gift from the Marquis de Lafayette, and Mrs. Adams raised silkworms to make silk gowns out of.

It seems as though every time I turn around, well, I get dizzy...But when it starts to get me down I remember the story about the tortoise and his hair. If I recall, the tortoise had hair that grew very quickly. For some reason this was a problem. The Tortoise eventually triumphed by beating his hair with his flipper. Now you might say that tortoises (torti to be proper) do not have flippers. But if that's true, how could they fly?" Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert

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Ted Cassidy (Lurch) guest starred in a Twilight Zone episode to serve Man (unfortunately, it was a cookbook). More Addams Family biographies

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