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Melissa Taylor


Diagnosed in '94. Has done extensive food allergy research for website and personal use. (However, most knowledge is from something known as "trial and error!")


Bachelor of Arts in English, 2008, graduated magna cum laude with an A average.

Experience in food allergies:

* Diagnosed with food allergies as a teen in 1994.
* Founder of Food Allergy Survivors Together (FAST) in 1994.

Professional experience in allergy-related writing:

* Writer of FAST website.
* "Hidden Ingredients -- What You Don't Know Can Hurt You" article in the Spring 1999 issue of Living Without magazine.
* Interviewed for the article "All in the Family: A Triple Dose of Food Allergies" (by J. J. Hanley), in the Summer 1999 issue of Living Without magazine.
* Life in a Food Allergic Family article on, 2000. (Link is no longer functional.)
* Diagnosing Food Allergies article on, 2000. (Link is no longer functional.)
* Recipes and labeling information (original printing) used in Food Allergy Field Guide book by Theresa Willingham, published by Savory Palate, September 2000.
* Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook, a full-length non-fiction book for teens and adults living with food allergies, available in bookstores worldwide (ISBN: 0-595-24128-X).
* Article "Vacationing with Food Allergies" printed in Coping with Allergies and Asthma magazine, May/June 2003 issue. This is a chapter from Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook
* Editor of Food Allergy Survivors Together Journal (out of print), a book written by members of FAST, published in July 2005.


* Multiple publications in pet magazines.
* Currently a new release/pre-release product reviewer for a major retailer. (2009- )

Contact information:

To request articles or interviews, please visit and e-mail the webmaster.

This website is for personal support information only. Nothing should be construed as medical advice.