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Food Allergy Survivors Together Journal

Food Allergy Survivors Together Journal is no longer in print, although the Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook is still available from all major booksellers. This page has been left online as a reminder of what a fun book the journal was. Thank you to everyone who had a part in the creation of this amazing book!

With participation from nearly two-dozen individuals, this incredibly innovative book contains a little bit of everything (it has to, at 350 pages!). You'll find articles, cooking tips, extracurricular activity suggestions, humor, jokes and cartoons, photographs, profiles of people with allergies, over 30 recipes, stories and a play for children, traveling tips, and much more. The information in the book is new and unique. Best of all, the Journal is informal and uplifting, not heavy and weighty as health literature can tend to be. The information within is geared toward (and contributed by) everyone touched by food allergies, including children with allergies, adults with allergies, caretakers, and friends. You will refer to this book again and again. Our group strongly suggests you get more than one--you will want to share this with your friends, family, and local library.

Opening up this book is like opening a virtual treasure chest containing:
* Profiles on nearly 10 people impacted by food allergies
* 20 drawings
* More than 30 recipes
* More than 30 articles/chapters
* Nearly 40 jokes
* Over 50 photos
* 350 pages!


Traveling with Food Allergies: 
  Is it Possible?		
The Great Cake Fiasco		
Kitchen Gadgets We Love
   . . . and Some We Don’t	
Living with Inhalant Allergies	
Shopping at Health Food Stores	
What Do I Do Now?				
Hoping for a Cure?		
My First Day			
My Friend Onyx (for kids)	
How to Prepare for the 
The Fall of Eve			
The Enabler			
Dear Diary			
FAST and Support Groups		
Becoming Passionate		
FAST Food is Fun Food!		
My Life with Food Allergies	
Eight Food-Free Activities	
Diagnosed as an Adult		
Finding My Balance		
Looking Beyond the Allergies	
How Food Allergies Affected 
  Our Family Life	        
Not Just “American” Foods	
Clover’s Special Talent (for kids)  
Bulk Cooking			
Allergen-Free Beauty Treatments	
I Have Allergies! (for kids)	
My Nitrate and Sulfite 
A Glimpse into Food Allergies	
Joyful Canning			
	Breakfast Foods		
	Desserts and Snacks	
	Salads and Appetizers	
	Main Dishes		

There are also profiles of people with allergies, cartoons, and jokes throughout, all in one convenient standard paperback (5" x 8" size) book.

Words that might go through your mind as you hold the Journal in your hands include: beautiful . . . impressive . . . helpful . . . eclectic . . . entertaining . . . fun. . . . In fact, it was impossible to choose sample pages that suitably depicted what the book is all about. Let's just say, these two show a little bit of what the book is about, but definitely not all. It will possibly be your favorite food allergy book of all time. Honest.

This website is for personal support information only. Nothing should be construed as medical advice.