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Note: The information in this section is some of the most beneficial on the site. It mainly deals with the "lifestyle" and lifestyle tips of/for those living with food allergies, with articles on various topics. There's a wealth of information here. Many of the pages are in a highly readable "article" format.


Cross-Contamination Personal stories from FAST members emphasize the importance of careful food preparation.

Eating Out and About with Allergies In this article by member "A.," FAST members share their experiences in eating out.

Gardening It's fun to grow your own food--you can tailor anything--from a small kitchen window ledge to an entire garden--to growing allergen-free foods.

A Growing Trend and Concern: Natural Flavorings It's trending now that companies are switching to or adding "natural flavorings" to their products. This article provides some information on why this may be a concern for individuals with food allergies.

Recipes This contains a large selection of recipes.

Tips Cooking and product information and more! Includes two cookie recipes.


"Allergen-Free" Gifts This article offers practical ideas for gifts that don't involve food.

"Allergen-Free" Pets Database Pets can help enrich our lives and bring us comfort during difficult times. This collection of articles may help you begin to research a pet that is safe for your specific family's needs.

Dating with Food Allergies You can't eat out with food what in the world can you do for a date?

Don't Say That! If you have a loved one or friend with food allergies, read this helpful article to find out what they don't want you to say. Includes helpful ideas for things to say, as well.

Our companion article to "Don't Say That!" is Say This! This page is a little tongue-in-cheek.

Finding and Keeping Friends Adults with allergies have expressed having difficulties not only in finding local friends, but also in maintaining these friendships. Find tips here.

Holidays and Special Events

Christmas Advice on starting non-food traditions and taking the holiday focus off food.

Easter Tips An Easter basket equals food...but does it have to?! Find other ideas here.

Halloween Tips Advice on having an allergy-free October 31st.

Thanksgiving tips, like stuffing and turkey.

Wedding Planner Read tips here about having an allergen-free wedding, including a cake! Includes a wedding diary.

Medical Concerns

Calcium Concerns points out how people who can't drink dairy need to be concerned about sufficient calcium intake.

Choosing an Allergist Tips from FAST members on how to find a helpful, reputable doctor.

A Difficult Decision: Choosing Not to Have Biological Children presents a sensitive look at individuals who have chosen not to risk the chance of passing along illness to another generation.

Food Allergies Can Be Fatal is a list of tips to hopefully help prevent fatal reactions. Includes a personal story of a fatal reaction.

Food Allergy Tests What test is the most accurate? This subjective chart is based on personal experience after having been tested four times. Compares test results rather than test vs. challenging a reaction.

Ingredients of Medications is a must-read for everyone with food allergies. The medications we take may contain our allergens.

Medical Concerns A response to nontraditional medicine claims in regards to "curing" food allergies.

Things Your Allergist Probably Never Told You About Food Allergies

12 Step Program This article relates the stages that come after being diagnosed to a "12 step" program.


Faith-Healing An indepth look at faith-healing and whether or not it works. Includes nine religious sources.

Starting Point

Starting Point for Food Allergy Newbies By adults, for adults with allergies! Print it out to help you with your new chalenge.


Fatigue and Food Allergies is an article by several members of FAST, offering tips that have worked for them, personally, in dealing with fatigue.

Symptoms This list, arranged by Kenny Silverman, tells about various allergic reactions experienced by people with food allergies.


Traveling Tips Member experiences with traveling, and advice that may help you.
This website is for personal support information only. Nothing should be construed as medical advice.