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Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook is our official book!

Currently in print! "I have read the FAST book from cover to cover and am so pleased I came across it. I was so overwhelmed to read of others' experiences so relative to my own that I actually cried. Somehow I kind of feel normal again, strange but true. I am going to use many of the tips given that will hopefully make some areas much easier for me from now on" (Nandy).

This incredibly fun and helpful handbook will be a guide you turn to again and again for ideas, helps, and even emotional support. It has received only five-star reviews on both and, and was excerpted from in the May/June 2003 issue of Coping with Allergies and Asthma magazine.

Order from your local bookstore, using this information:

  • ISBN: 0-595-24128-X
  • TITLE: Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook
  • AUTHOR: Melissa Taylor

  • ...or visit for more information.

    Adorable (non food allergy-related) guinea pig books by Melissa J. Taylor are available from Amazon and other booksellers.

    The following two books are no longer in print.

    No longer in print. With participation from nearly two-dozen individuals, this incredibly innovative book contains a little bit of everything (it has to, at 350 pages!). You'll find articles, cooking tips, extracurricular activity suggestions, humor, jokes and cartoons, photographs, profiles of people with allergies, over 30 recipes, stories and a play for children, traveling tips, and much more. The information in the book is new and unique. Best of all, the Journal is informal and uplifting, not heavy and weighty as health literature can tend to be. The information within is geared toward (and contributed by) everyone touched by food allergies, including children with allergies, adults with allergies, caretakers, and friends. You will refer to this book again and again. Our group strongly suggests you get more than one--you will want to share this with your friends, family, and local library.
    No longer in print. To find out what it was all about, visit for more information.

    Our Food Allergy Survivors Together Cookbook is no longer in print, but it's fun to take a walk down memory lane and remember this wonderful experience. The book was a compilation of delicious original recipes--150 of them!--from FAST members worldwide. In the Journal, shown above, recipes from the cookbook by my family that do not already appear on the website are republished. So you, too, will be able to own some of these great recipes (see ordering information above)!

    "I own a good number of allergy cookbooks (at least 5) and have honestly only ever made two or three things from them in total. I know I will use this cookbook as a cooking 'bible' from here on...I especially like the layout, substitution information and helpful tips...The section in the back with cooking tips is also great, as are the equivalents and substitutions. Now, as for the recipes, all my family favourites are there. I wish I could give everyone with food allergies a copy of the book, especially those just discovering their allergies. It would have helped me SOOOOOOO much when we first found out about Tristan's! Thank goodness I found you guys way back then!" (Noreen E.).

    "The no-fry donut the cookbook is great. My only problem was that both of my boys were eating the dough almost faster than I could get it onto the pan. I finally gave up doing donut shapes & just rolled balls for holes since it was faster. Then my next problem was that the boys dragged a step-stool over to the counter & started eating them before they cooled off. I was afraid there wouldn't be any left for tomorrow. Thanks again for a wonderful recipe that my allergic son can have and that the other son will eat as well" (Linda H.).

    "What an absolutely adorable, huggable cookbook this is! The layout is easy to read, and the separators with tips are great. I'd like to donate a few to the local libraries to help spread the word, and get these into the hands of more people" (Kathy).

    Our Food Allergy Survivors Together Cookbook is no longer in print, but you can purchase the new Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook, which explains how to create your own delicious recipes, especially catered to your own dietary restrictions. Many thanks to everyone who participated in creating the cookbook--it shows how cooperation can lead to a wonderful result. This cookbook is still used in my household, years after its printing.

    This website is for personal support information only. Nothing should be construed as medical advice.