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This page, which can be printed and passed along, presents articles that are specifically for friends and loved ones of those who have food allergies.


Don't Say That!
Often it can be difficult to know what to say to a friend or loved one who is "different" in some way. You may think you are offering encouraging words to your friend, but sometimes what we say, though well-intentioned, can come across as unfeeling toward the person we're speaking to. This page offers many of the most common statements those without food allergies say to those who do have them, along with what would be better to say.

Food Allergies Can Be Fatal

This article helps to hammer in the seriousness of food allergies as a condition. It is an excellent read for anyone who knows someone with food allergies.

Food Allergies: For Those Who Don't Have Them (Children) (Adults)

These articles are especially meant for those who know someone with food allergies. The first is written more simply, is shorter, and is intended for children. Adults will get more out of the second article, which is much longer and in depth.


Mailing List
A way to interact with others who have allergies or loved ones with allergies. This group is highly recommended!

Offline Resource

Food Allergy Survivors Together Book
Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook is helpful in giving an insider's view into what it's like to live with food allergies. Though many see food allergies as a simple fact of life, they truly impact a life, especially socially, due to the fact that our society relies so much on food events for social activities.

Symptoms and Reactions

Allergic Reactions--Stories and Photos
First-hand accounts and photographs of people experiencing allergic reactions. Please note that, although only "appropriate" poses have been taken, photos may be difficult for some to view.

Signs and Symptoms

Contains a list of symptoms that people with food allergies may experience.


Is there something I have missed? My goal is to present the topic of food allergies to you, as an "outsider," in as non-threatening a manner as possible. But because I am an insider, it is difficult for me to know what types of topics are of interest to you. If you have a suggestion for an article on a topic that has not been covered, please feel free to send me your ideas--they are always welcome. Thank you!
This website is for personal support information only. Nothing should be construed as medical advice.