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Tired of getting sick from eating out on dates? There are other activities that you can do in order to go on a date (or go out with a friend "just for fun"). Try some of the activities that other FAST members have enjoyed!

Spring and Summer-time Activities

Go to a baseball game or other sporting event. It doesn't even have to be expensive -- find minor league teams in your area and picnic with your own food on the lawn. Kathi

Walk your dog around the neighborhood. Kelsey

Fly a kite (this is fun no matter how old you are!). Kelsey

How about a concert? In our area in the spring and summer we have free concerts in the park. This is a great place to bring a picnic lunch. And if you can't stand the smell of people's perfumes or their picnic lunches, simply find a spot a little further away from crowd. (Great excuse for being alone with your date, huh?) Kathi

Hike or bike ride (along the lake if you have one -- or through the forest preserve). Kathi

How about an amusement park? Most let you bring in your own food. If you offer to bring the food, you'll know it's safe, and your date will be thrilled at not spending $14.00 for two hot dogs and two Cokes! Kathi

Go to a park and walk around, taking pictures of the animals you see or go on the swings and watch the kids. Kelsey

Have any place you can paddle-boat or canoe near you? Makes for a great romantic date and once again you get to pack the picnic lunch. Kathi

Help out Habitat for Humanity. Kelsey

Play miniature golf. Play "real golf" if you have good leg muscles and lots of patience. ;) Melissa

Go for a long bike ride. Kelsey

Fall and Winter-time Activities

Interactive museums are a lot of fun, even if they're a long drive away. (Interactive museums are unlike traditional museums because you're invited to participate in the displays by doing certain activities.) One that I enjoy has an indoor tornado that you're allowed to touch!Melissa

Invest in some bird-watching guides and a couple pair of binoculars, and see how many types of birds you can find together. Melissa

Go on a winter hike... come home and have allergy-safe cocoa or tea. ygg

Go to a ceramics shop and paint a popcorn bowl or a trinket box to keep all your tickets from all the baseball games you'll go to with your date. Kathi

Make wreaths together (a good group date activity) for various winter holidays. ygg

Check with close universities for classical music concerts and recitals (most are free or a few dollars). Kelsey

Go ice skating... holding hands is usually required. ;) Kenny

Clubbing (dance/music clubs) is good for folks who are 18 or 21+. Drinking isn't the focus of clubbing, believe it or not...just lots of dancing, and it's HOT inside. Ugh. Nice and toasty and sweaty. ;) ygg

This website is for personal support information only. Nothing should be construed as medical advice.