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New works

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this page is developed to show regular viewers my

latest pieces. Enjoy!

all images and graphics created and owned by me.No use of these images without my written permission.

If you would like to see any of my patterns in a magazine write to the editor in chief to let them know.You buy their publication and they take what you say very seriously.

Celtic DragonsThis pattern was made from a Lora S. Irish design.I made it for her book, "Great Book of Dragon Patterns".It's an excellent reference book that is professionally done.It contains great ideas and everything you need to know about dragons.


Jimmy Hendricks (Jammin')

German sillhouette era 1800's

Jimmy Hendricks

Jerry Garcia

Marines reacting to sniper fire on Iowa Jima

Jesus portrait

Frank Sinatra



Jesus crown of thorns

Princess Dianna     (RIP)

Clint Eastwood

Big cat

New pieces

wolf portrait

Bald Eagle portrait